Bitcoin doesn’t launder money, Mr. Mnuchin. Money launderers do.


The Treasury secretary’s recent Senate testimony coming down on cryptocurrencies is misguided. Regulations should require building better blockchain technology at the banks.


Banking hemp no longer requires filing SARs: Regulators


The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and other regulatory agencies confirmed that the recent legalization of the substance eases banks' anti-money-laundering requirements.


Is it now or never for AML reform?


The 2020 elections and a potential new chair of the Senate Banking Committee in the next Congress could put a deadline on passage of a bill to ease a key anti-money-laundering requirement for banks.


Dems' new tack on gun control: Make banks police sales


A recent bill would require banks to provide data on suspicious firearms transactions as part of anti-money laundering efforts.


Shell-company bill drives wedge between banking, small business


Beneficial-ownership legislation is within the banking industry’s reach, but the prospect of new regulatory burdens for small businesses is forcing lawmakers to choose sides.


The fight against financial crime has just begun


Regulators globally are using "tech sprints" to test new anti-money-laundering solutions. More can be done, but it's a good start.


Crypto firms can't skirt AML compliance: Fincen chief


Kenneth Blanco's tough comments appeared to target payments providers that offer their users anonymity.


Small banks can use tech to make their size an advantage in AML compliance


New tech can help banks with less cumbersome systems track suspicious activity more effectively.


Data aggregators push back against notion they have a fraud problem


Fincen and others say third parties are proving to be treasure chests for crooks who create synthetic identities, but aggregators argue they help detect risk banks can’t see.


Senators formally introduce bipartisan AML reform bill


Though a draft has been circulating since this summer, eight senators on Thursday officially released a bill to require companies to disclose their true owners at incorporation.