Financial Institutions

FDIC Doubles Down on the Safe Harbors


In a little noticed footnote in the FDIC's recent report on a hypothetical liquidtion of Lehman under Dodd-Frank resolution authority, the FDIC states


The Costs of Regulating Derivatives


So the outgoing chair of ISDA complains that banks will have to pass on the costs of Dodd-Frank to end users of derivatives. Undoubtedly the usual crowd -- primarily the WSJ op-ed page -- will run with this evidence of yet another hit to American competativenes coming out of Dodd-Frank.


Some Banks Charge Business Customers Merely for Running Checks Through Their System


We all know that banks are allowed to charge customers for things that do not cost them anything, but I guess I just assumed that they did this only to consumers. Silly me. 


The Bankruptcy Code and the FCIC


Mike has done a great service to us chapter 11 types over at Rortybomb, by aggregating all of the quotes from the FCIC report regarding the 2005 expansion of the safe harbors on the Code.


Clash of the Titans: RMBS Edition


And so it begins. We're about to witness the main event in financial institution internecine warefare: investment funds (MBS buyers) vs. banks (MBS sellers).