Field of membership

‘A rogue regime can weaponize this agency’: Comments of the week


Readers debate the Federal Reserve's potential entry into real-time payments, consider the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's guidance for assessing fines, discuss the efficacy of financial education programs and more.


Banks, credit unions trade blows in court on field of membership


While NCUA lawyers fielded questions about the possibility of redlining, a three-judge appeals panel showed skepticism about other elements of the ABA's arguments against changes to credit union membership rules


Is credit union regulator's field-of-membership appeal already in trouble?


Last-minute arguments from the American Bankers Association have put the National Credit Union Administration on the back foot in advance of an appeal hearing more than a year in the works.


VyStar is latest credit union to line up bank acquisition


The deal for Citizens State Bank is part of VyStar's plan to expand throughout Florida and Georgia.


Banker concerns about credit union mergers are overblown


The banking industry is unduly worried that recent credit union deals could open the door for anyone to join.


PenFed deal feeds bankers' fears of unlimited credit union membership


An “emergency merger” with the troubled Progressive Credit Union gives PenFed — already the nation’s third-largest credit union — the ability to welcome any potential member nationwide.


NCUA lays out legal defense of contentious membership rule


The regulator claimed Congress has already granted it the authority to define field-of-membership areas.


CUs are not neglecting their core membership


Credit unions remain committed to their central missions as they grow, says PenFed’s chairman.


Banklike credit unions should follow bank rules


As large credit unions look to expand under NCUA’s new field of membership rule, they should be required to comply with additional bank rules.


Credit union membership change built to withstand court challenge


A new rule from the NCUA is designed to curry more favor with judges by establishing a detailed application process for expansion-minded credit unions. Banks complain it would be too permissive.