Diversity and equality

Bank loses pay discrimination lawsuit


A community bank gets taken to task by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Tennis player Andy Murray makes his mom — and lots of other women — proud at Wimbledon. Also, the Bank of England's Charlotte Hogg and Morgan Stanley's Naureen Hassan.


How a crisis made innovation easier at Wells Fargo


Out of the ashes of the fake-accounts fiasco, heads of business lines became more open to change, an executive at the bank’s innovation group said Wednesday.


U.S. banks are behind the global curve on gender pay equity


The refusal by top U.S. banks and credit card companies to respond to investor concerns about gender inequity is in contrast with progress by U.K. banks.


Citi's Milligan and goal-based apps; Goldman's diversity efforts


Digital Banker of the Year finalist Alice Milligan is creating apps meant to help Americans achieve their life dreams. Goldman Sachs’ global head of human capital management Sally Boyle says the firm is focusing diversity efforts on promoting women in revenue-generating divisions.


Mom's not-so-little helper; 'values' in hiring


Teresa Tanner designed a unique program to help keep new moms from leaving Fifth Third. Monica Coles of Wells Fargo has a surprising perspective on diversity initiatives. Plus, Abby Johnson talks up bitcoin.


'Vindictive warlock hunt': Comments of the week


Reader reactions to criticism of Jamie Dimon, the House GOP ganging up on Richard Cordray, a bank's decision to part with Excel to measure credit losses, and more.


'You coddled millennial': Comments of the week


American Banker readers share their views on the most pressing banking topics of the week. Comments are excerpted from reader response sections of AmericanBanker.com articles and our social media platforms.


Talking politics taboo in the workplace? B of A says it’s OK


The more vocal millennial generation is pushing companies like Bank of America to redefine diversity in the workplace to include more freedom of expression.


Bank of Montreal CEO on diversity, honesty, their ties to lasting value


BMO recently won a diversity award for reaching its goal of having women in 40% of senior management jobs, and CEO Bill Downe argues equal treatment of employees will carry over to fair treatment of customers and create long-term profits for shareholders.


RBC's Fukakusa sets pay benchmark for Canada's female bankers


Bay Street's highest-paid female banker set a new benchmark for women executives in the banking industry — though their ranks among the top wage earners remain thin.