Diversity and equality

OCC was right to finalize CRA rule on its own


If the agency hadn’t revised the 1977 law now, nothing would be done for communities in need that are struggling even more in the coronavirus pandemic, writes Faith Bautista, CEO of the National Diversity Coalition.


Jamie Dimon says virus is a wake-up call to address inequalities


The JPMorgan Chase CEO said he hopes policymakers use the COVID-19 crisis as a catalyst to rebuild a more inclusive economy as the pandemic exposes stark inequalities among Americans.


Coronavirus stress tests strength of women’s network


In a still male-dominated industry, does the network help attract and keep more women at the firm? CEO Shirl Penney says yes and has the results to prove it.


René Jones is putting his own stamp on M&T Bank


Like his longtime boss and mentor, Bob Wilmers, Jones is deeply committed to investing in communities, controlling expenses and delivering value for investors. But he also has novel ideas for modernizing M&T, like doing away with its "permission culture," improving the customer journey and positioning it as a go-to bank for tech talent.


Banks may get boost from loan program; Trouble for mortgages not backed by U.S.


SBA loans could pour billions into bank coffers; Fed bailed out government-backed market, others may suffer.


Waters is right to make Wells Fargo a poster child for bad practices


The chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee should call on regulators to take more aggressive steps with bad banking practices, starting with Wells.


Challenges to banks’ use of arbitration a sign of gender fights to come


Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase recently avoided shareholder votes tied to their use of arbitration clauses in sexual harassment cases. But socially conscious investors say the issue is likely to flare up again elsewhere and that banks would do well to address a wide range of gender equity matters head on.


Mastercard discloses pay gap: Women make 92.2% of men's salary


Mastercard disclosed its gender pay gap for the first time on Monday, saying that its female employees worldwide make 7.8% less than the men. The company said it is working toward parity.


House lawmakers at odds over requiring banks to report diversity data


A study by the House Financial Services Committee on the industry’s efforts to hire and promote more women and minorities has sparked a dispute over whether banks should have to be more transparent about those efforts.


House panel to discuss 'rent-a-bank' concerns in two February hearings


The Financial Services Committee will also hold hearings next month on monetary policy, the CFPB and "astroturfing" worries, among other things.