Diversity and equality

Wall Street's bad reaction to #MeToo, Kraninger in at the CFPB, BofA women making moves


Men on Wall Street are taking a cue from Vice President Mike Pence by refusing to dine one-on-one with women; Coinbase is offering fertility benefits; and Bank of America executive Katy Knox gets a promotion.


Introducing Women in Banking: Next (and how to apply)


Recognize high-achieving women in the pipeline and celebrate diversity across the industry. Nominate a female executive under age 40 for Most Powerful Women in Banking: Next.


Overhaul CRA? Why not eliminate it?


Regulators are considering reforms to the Community Reinvestment Act, but it’s not clear that the law is needed anymore.


Why women keep leaving banking


Here are some strategies to improve the retention of women across the industry, says one former bank executive.


A new female CEO at a top 50 bank and an unexpected exit at BofA


One of the country’s 50 largest banks hires a female CEO, making JPMorgan Chase’s Kelly Coffey only the third woman in that exclusive club. Bank of America’s Michelle Moore exits the workforce. And sexual harassment prompts a walkout at Google.


Deutsche CEO puts management on blast; Chinese banks use lie detectors


Christian Sewing calls out the German bank's senior managers for using rumors of a merger with Commerzbank to excuse poor performance; banks in China begin using smartphones to pick up on lie-detecting facial tics.


Portrait of a Goldman Sachs executive as a political wife


Goldman Sachs’ Heidi Cruz takes some flak for comments she made in an interview about her other job — as the wife of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz. Goldman's Dina Powell turns down a chance to be the next Nikki Haley. And a lawsuit against the American Bankers Association calls it a “boy’s club.”


How more women can get on bank boards


Despite obstacles that keep women from being equally represented in the boardroom, there are steps they can take to close the gap.


At BofA, diversity meetings seen as 'huge priority' for Moynihan


"He hasn't missed any of our diversity and inclusion councils in 10 years. It starts with him and trickles down," Sheri Bronstein, the bank's global human resources executive, said.


There’s no excuse: Banks need to diversify their hiring


Financial institutions can take steps to ensure they’re employing more women and people of color, including looking outside of the sector for talent.