Discover opening call center in low-income Chicago neighborhood


The operation will employ 1,000 people in a predominantly Black community. The move is part of the city's push to create job opportunities beyond the downtown area.


CFPB orders Discover to pay $35 million for student lending mishaps


The consumer bureau said the bank’s migration to a new servicing platform led to unauthorized payment withdrawals, misrepresentations about what borrowers owed and violations of a prior 2015 enforcement action.


EBay hires Discover’s U.S. cards chief to drive growth


EBay has hired Discover’s top U.S. cards executive, Julie Loger, for the newly created position of global chief growth officer.


Card companies, surprised by low write-offs, seek new customers


Lenders have spent months puzzled by the persistently low delinquencies on their credit cards. Now, they’re seizing the moment.


How long will banks have to keep padding loan-loss reserves?


Lenders are cautioning not only that second-quarter provisions might exceed the spike seen earlier this year, but also that credit costs could be elevated into 2021 if the economic slowdown drags on or fears of a second coronavirus wave are borne out.