Digital currencies

A Bell Labs-inspired initiative for open-source blockchain projects


BloqLabs, created by the startup Bloq, wants to help developers get their projects in front of enterprise clients.


Cheat sheet: Radical visions of central bank-issued digital currencies


If the Federal Reserve and other central banks began issuing their own digital currencies, they could benefit consumers, boost the economy and fight financial crime. But not without risks to cybersecurity, individual privacy — and possibly bank profits.


SEC rejects Winklevoss ETF proposal


U.S. regulators rejected an exchange-traded fund based on bitcoin, wiping out weeks of gains for the digital currency as investors speculated the Securities and Exchange Commission would approve the security.


Are crypto ‘tokens’ securities by another name?


The question is more than academic. At stake is the role blockchain technology can play in lowering the costs of raising money.


Breaking Banks: Blockchain's strides hearten bankers, frustrate purists


Banks have signaled bullishness for blockchain tech. But some say ignorance is leading to ill-informed choices.


Virtual currency needs one regulator, not 50


The fast-moving innovations enabled by blockchain technology defy the ability of state governments to regulate the distributed ledger space constructively and efficiently.


Deloitte opens blockchain lab in New York to push for working prototypes


The goal of Deloitte's new blockchain-focused lab in New York is to turn proofs of concepts into real solutions.