Deposit insurance

FDIC eases requirements on deposit tracking


The agency's board voted 3-1 on Tuesday to give large banks additional time to comply with new rules that force them to keep better track of insured deposits.


First failed bank since 2017 will leave FDIC with hefty price tag


Regulators closed The Enloe State Bank in Texas late Friday, marking the first failure in 17 months and the first in the Lone Star State in over five years.


Fintech charters, CRA and data sharing: McWilliams, Otting weigh in


At a fintech event hosted by the FDIC, the agency’s chief and the head of the OCC offered their views on a wide range of matters.


Look forward, not backward to fix FDIC's flawed brokered deposit rules


Current rules developed in the early 1990s were driven more by politics than facts.


FDIC issues reg relief proposals tied to custodial funds, deposit records


The board of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. on Friday made several proposals meant to simplify post-crisis rules, prompting opposition from its most recent former chairman.


Small banks about to catch break on deposit insurance premiums


The FDIC reserve fund is nearing a threshold that will trigger a temporary reprieve on deposit insurance premiums for banks with less than $10 billion of assets.


Square's ILC bid is a regulatory end run


By applying to become an industrial loan company, the fintech would be able to use insured deposit accounts as a cheap source of funding without having to comply with the tough rules banks face.


Will FDIC keep protecting failed banks’ uninsured deposits?


Since the collapse of IndyMac in 2008, the agency has frequently helped to shield depositors over the $250,000 insurance limit from losses. But it’s a policy that was never formalized, and it remains to be seen whether the agency’s new head, Jelena McWilliams, will follow it.


FDIC extends comment period on de novo bank process


The agency began seeking comments in December through a "request for information" on how to improve the agency's process for considering new deposit insurance applications.


Robinhood’s stumble is a wakeup call


The promotion of “insured” accounts by nonbanks and fintechs is a worrying trend, because it could leave customers falsely believing their accounts are just as safe as FDIC-insured ones.