Deposit insurance

Will FDIC keep protecting failed banks’ uninsured deposits?


Since the collapse of IndyMac in 2008, the agency has frequently helped to shield depositors over the $250,000 insurance limit from losses. But it’s a policy that was never formalized, and it remains to be seen whether the agency’s new head, Jelena McWilliams, will follow it.


FDIC extends comment period on de novo bank process


The agency began seeking comments in December through a "request for information" on how to improve the agency's process for considering new deposit insurance applications.


Robinhood’s stumble is a wakeup call


The promotion of “insured” accounts by nonbanks and fintechs is a worrying trend, because it could leave customers falsely believing their accounts are just as safe as FDIC-insured ones.


How regulators besides the OCC can help fintechs


The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has gotten the ball rolling for financial technology firms trying to operate a national platform, but the FDIC and Federal Reserve should act to remove other policy roadblocks.


Bankers cry foul over Robinhood’s checking and savings accounts


The fintech's new products may violate several banking and securities regulations and could mislead the public about the differences between coverage on banking and investment accounts, industry officials say.


Robinhood's checking account poses legal issues: SIPC chief


The fintech Robinhood did not contact the Securities Investor Protection Corp. to discuss protection for deposits, according to SIPC CEO Stephen Harbeck.


'Jump right in, the shark infested water is just fine': Comments of the week


Readers sound off on fintechs entering the student loan market, the FDIC’s brokered deposit rules and a heated debate over the new CFPB leader.


Brokered deposits' bad rap is undeserved


The idea that deposit brokers are trying to game the deposit insurance system and could contribute to another crisis is outdated.


FDIC seeks industry help in effort to revive de novo banks


The agency's request for comment about the deposit insurance application process is among a series of actions aimed at streamlining charter applications.


Banks set another record — and FDIC hits a milestone


Banks earned $62 billion in the third quarter thanks to tax reform and higher asset yields while the Deposit Insurance Fund crossed a statutory threshold.