Deposit insurance

Credit unions to pay $1.5B to bolster NCUA’s deposit insurance fund


A historic influx of deposits has brought the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund’s equity ratio close to the point where premiums would be required, but the regulator’s plan is intended to boost it.


How a tweak to the Federal Home Loan banks could save cities


Congress should pass legislation that would allow Home Loan banks to backstop deposits by local governments at commercial banks and lower the cost of bond financing, two mayors argue.


NCUA’s Harper warns of possible premiums as Hood teases new department


Two board members for the credit union regulator spoke during a NAFCU event, highlighting liquidity issues, plans for new departments at the agency and more.


FDIC holds line on bank fees despite sharp deposit growth


The agency’s insurance fund dipped below its statutory minimum last quarter thanks to the rapid rise in deposits, but officials say it should bounce back without a hike in premiums.


FDIC's brokered deposit proposal has a glaring problem


The plan would encourage more risk-taking by big banks, which would put the industry and taxpayers in harm’s way, write former CFPB Director Richard Cordray and Camden Fine, onetime head of the Independent Community Bankers of America.


FDIC to discuss fund restoration plan next week


A pandemic-driven surge in bank deposits helped drive the agency's insurance reserves below their statutory minimum.


FDIC's quarterly report shows extent of pandemic's hit to bank profits


The $18.8 billion in net income was 70% less than a year earlier as the uncertain economic picture and new accounting rules drove a sharp rise in provisions for future losses.


Brokered deposits help banks help their communities


Peoples Bank in Arkansas once used brokered deposits to fund more loans to underserved borrowers. It could do so again if Congress loosens restrictions, says CEO Mary Fowler.


Senate Banking Committee to consider controversial Fed board pick


The panel later this month will vote on the nomination of Judy Shelton, whose views on certain policy issues have met with skepticism from both Democrats and Republicans.


Big banks join fight against new ILCs


Small banks have long led the campaign against industrial loan companies, arguing they can be used to violate the separation of banking and commerce. But now the industry’s heavyweights are also taking a hard line in response to an FDIC proposal that would give tech companies a smoother path into the lending business.