Data sharing

Plaid ‘surprised’ by TD Bank trademark suit, denies allegations


Plaid said it has been in discussions with TD Bank over allegations of trademark infringement and false advertising and was caught off-guard by the lawsuit the bank filed Wednesday.


TD Bank sues Plaid for trademark infringement, false advertising


In a lawsuit filed Wednesday, the U.S. subsidiary of Toronto-Dominion Bank accused the data aggregator Plaid of improperly using the bank’s name, trademarks and logos when it gathers TD customers' data.


Small Louisiana bank gives customers tool to safeguard their data


Origin Bank is rolling out software to let customers curb or shut down account-data sharing with third-party apps. In the process, it hopes to learn a lot about client behavior and preferences that it could use in its own products.


Wells Fargo says it has nearly eliminated screen-scraping threat


The company's new agreement with Envestnet Yodlee to share customers' account data over secure pipes is its 17th pact with aggregators and other fintech firms.


CFPB veteran Fuchs takes on new legal challenges at Plaid


Meredith Fuchs, formerly the top lawyer at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, says data aggregators like Plaid "have matured." She will help the company prepare for new data-sharing rules and its pending sale to Visa.


No shortage of ideas for CFPB data-sharing rules


Banks, data aggregators and fintechs have clashed for a decade over how consumers’ bank account data should be shared with third parties. The agency says it will offer a plan, and industry officials have plenty of suggestions already.


What happens if Mastercard and Visa gobble up all the data aggregators?


Thanks to their close relationship with the card networks, banks stand to benefit most from deals like Mastercard’s agreement to buy Finicity and Visa’s pending purchase of Plaid. The prospects for fintechs and consumers are dicier.


TD Bank confronts vexing problem of connecting disparate data


The Toronto company is testing new software from Cinchy that lets its technology teams visualize how datasets spread across departments might work together to make client referrals or collaborate with fintechs.


Plaid launches exchange to help banks share data with fintechs


The company's new service is intended to help small banks share account data while avoiding screen scraping.


Behind Wells Fargo's effort to demystify data sharing


Ben Soccorsy, head of digital payments in Wells Fargo’s virtual channels group, explains how the bank's 15 data-sharing agreements with fintechs and aggregators and tools like Control Tower give customers visibility into and control over their financial information.