The cybersecurity threat lurking in the GPS systems banks count on


Outages or disruptions of GPS signals — sometimes malicious, sometimes not — could quickly knock out computers, ATMs and card networks.


FDIC, OCC issue cybersecurity bulletin amid 'heightened' global risk


The two agencies cited geopolitical tensions in issuing the warning and best practices tips, though they stopped short of referring directly to the recent U.S. clashes with Iran.


Equifax to pay $380.5M to cover claims from 2017 breach


Under terms of the settlement approved by a Georgia court Monday, Equifax may also have to pay an additional $125 million if the initial amount doesn't cover all the claims.


House passes bills to require more reports from bank regulators


Lawmakers advanced legislation that would require banking regulators to give annual testimony to lawmakers and would mandate regular reports on cybersecurity efforts.


Should banks expect cyberattacks from Iran?


Iranian hackers have a history of targeting U.S. banks. Security experts discussed how bankers can prepare themselves if such attacks are renewed as part of a response to the killing of Qassem Soleimani.


What inspired State Street's digital asset investing venture


The bank sees digital assets as part of the future and "we want to be there when this happens," says Ralph Achkar, head of digital product development and innovation.


Credit union blockchain ID pilot could benefit small banks too


A new system uses biometrics and distributed ledger technology to safeguard call centers from identity theft attacks.


OCC flags risks from banks' tech overhaul, Libor transition


The agency’s semiannual report warned institutions to be mindful of operational risks from the innovation in core banking systems, and detailed supervisory steps to monitor the adoption of a new reference rate.


Regulators issue warning on growth of nonbank mortgage sector


A report from the Financial Stability Oversight Council cited a bigger share of originations and servicing by nonbanks as a potential vulnerability in the financial system.


TD gets bonus in Schwab deal; Will there be a yearend credit crunch?


The bank will continue to hold cash in sweep accounts until 2031, although at a lower rate; capital requirements could lead big banks to hold off lending.