Customer experience

Your bank just got slammed with a 1-star review. What will you do about it?


Heritage Bank and Dime Community Bank are among those financial services firms taking online and app-store reviews seriously. Here’s why all banks should pay attention.


JPMorgan will ditch customers who racially abuse its workers


JPMorgan Chase is cracking down on racism by its customers. The bank is revamping a policy for dealing with abusive clients to include racism toward call-center employees as behavior that could warrant cutting ties with the customers.


Advice to debt collectors in pandemic times: Watch your language


Now perhaps more than ever, banks and their proxies need to show tact when communicating with past-due borrowers.


Frustrated by PPP, many small businesses are ditching their banks


Business owners are changing banks at three times normal levels, a trend researchers attribute to their difficulty in obtaining emergency loans. If the forgiveness stage of the Paycheck Protection Program proves arduous, that rate could climb much higher.


Don’t underestimate the power of branches post-pandemic


Digital banking has ramped up during the coronavirus lockdown but customers will seek somewhere to go as cities reopen. A branch could provide that safe haven.


‘Aha’ moments are David Tyrie’s job at BofA


Tyrie has advanced Bank of America’s virtual assistant Erica and rolled out easier-to-use digital products that resonate strongly with customers. Those achievements have earned him recognition as one of American Banker’s digital bankers of the year.


Old-school email could help midize banks close digital gap


Regional and midsize banks, which continue to trail the biggest banks in digital engagement, could attract younger consumers by reaching out with more advice about financial basics, according to J.D. Power.


Bankers need to come at this crisis from a different perspective


The coronavirus is changing how consumers interact in branches and banking online. Bank leaders should be prepared.


SoFi hires exec from Amazon to lead deposit, card businesses


The addition of Maria Renz shows how much emphasis the San Francisco fintech is putting on operations and customer experience.


Comerica names new chief credit officer in latest management shake-up


The promotion of Melinda Chausse was one of several leadership changes the Dallas company announced this month.