A slowdown with a silver lining in community banks’ future?


The economy could “positively slow down in mid-2019” and consumer debt levels are a huge concern, but technology and lessons learned from the crisis could still create opportunity for small banks, says Beneficial’s Gerry Cuddy ahead of a big speech on current conditions.


Data breach bill is really a fight about federal preemption


State regulators and advocacy groups say a federal breach notification standard could supersede state laws that already benefit consumers.


OCC’s Otting: Why do state regulators want to limit consumer choice?


The comptroller of the currency argues that special-purpose fintech charters will benefit consumers and businesses, despite opposition.


State regulators renew push to block OCC's fintech charter


State regulators said Wednesday they will refile a lawsuit against the OCC, attempting to block the agency's new federal bank charter for fintechs.


Texas bank commissioner appointed to nonvoting FSOC seat


The Dodd-Frank Act requires that one of the five nonvoting members of the Financial Stability Oversight Council be a state banking supervisor.


FDIC needs a state regulator on its board


Although it’s required to by law, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has not had an independent director with state bank supervisory experience since 2012. It’s time for that to change.


North Dakota seeks waiver from appraisal requirements


The state became the first in the country to ask federal regulators for a temporary waiver, citing a shortage of available appraisers.


With OCC’s door officially open, will fintechs enter?


Fintech firms have the federal option they have long sought, but meeting the agency’s application requirements will not be easy.


After years of debate, OCC to offer fintech charter


The decision, unveiled just hours after the Treasury Department endorsed the charter concept, means some fintech firms could soon be regulated more like banks.


House Financial Services panel advances fintech, housing bills


Lawmakers approved legislation to enable coordination between state and federal regulators on examining banks' third-party vendor relationships.