State regulators expand multistate licensing process for fintechs


Nearly half the nation's state regulators have agreed to a new multistate licensing business for money servicers, including fintechs.


Fintech charter delayed following court ruling: Otting


A recent court decision allowing New York’s financial regulator to proceed in a case meant to block the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency from offering fintechs a new federal banking charter is having a chilling effect on potential applicants.


State regulators should take the lead on data privacy: CSBS


The Conference of State Bank Supervisors urged Sens. Mike Crapo and Sherrod Brown to establish a baseline for consumer protection in data privacy and security that would leave room for stricter state rules.


States agree to sweeping reg reforms for fintechs


A group of state regulators has signed off on 14 recommendations, developed by the fintech industry, aimed at streamlining multistate licensing and supervision.


FDIC's small-dollar riddle: How to entice banks, yet stay tough


The agency is exploring how to reopen small-dollar lending options for banks, but consumer groups are urging the agency to maintain pricing limits and other controls.


OCC seeks dismissal of states' lawsuit opposing fintech charter


The agency refuted claims by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors that the OCC was overstepping its authority.


State regulators refile suit to block OCC's fintech charter


State regulators have once again sued the OCC, arguing it lacks legal authority to offer a federal fintech banking charter.


No need to fight over the OCC's fintech charter


Federal and state regulators are at odds over the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s new licensing program, but there are ways to improve current law to appease both sides.


States' response to OCC fintech charter 'disappointing,' top Treasury official says


Craig Phillips, a counselor to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, said the department is not trying to undermine the role of state regulation of fintechs.


CSBS creating index to gauge health of small banks


The Community Bank Sentiment Index, an outgrowth of a yearly survey conducted by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors, is intended to bring attention to market conditions and how they affect small banks' growth prospects.