Corporate finance

Wall Street quietly telling companies not to draw their loans


Some corporations are willing to oblige, turning instead to new, pricier term loans or revolving credit lines rather than tapping existing ones, industry officials say.


How cash-hungry firms could take $700-billion bite out of banks


Dozens of firms in industries most immediately hit by the virus and oil-price war — such as leisure, transportation, health care, energy and mining — have been drawing billions of dollars from existing credit lines.


Banks urgently pitch investors on lending to needy companies


Investment bankers have are trying to drum up interest from investment firms and hedge funds to provide tens of billions of dollars in financing to companies in industries upended by the coronavirus.


Lawsuit alleges PNC built payments product with stolen trade secrets


A Denver company says that the $410 billion-asset bank used its confidential information to create a copycat product and poach its customers. PNC is contesting the allegations.


Bank CEOs push back on climate proposals; another company leaves Libra


Citi, Goldman chiefs say they won’t be pressured to stop financing companies based on carbon footprint; Vodafone bolts from Facebook’s digital currency project.


Business debt exceeds households' for first time since 1991


Corporate debt swelled to $15.987 trillion in the third quarter after borrowing increased by nearly 6%, according to the Federal Reserve.


Virtual Currency's New Frontier: Cryptocollateral


States are just beginning to regulate cryptocurrency as a credit collateral for lenders. More can be done.


Lending to nonbank lenders is growing — maybe too much


Loans to other financial firms have soared in recent years, and many are going to private equity or business development firms that then use the funds to make leveraged loans. Should regulators be worried?


Is a leveraged lending crisis imminent? Depends who you ask


Lawmakers waded into a growing debate about the threat posed by corporate credit risk.


Citi joins JPMorgan in warning of second-quarter trading slump


A burgeoning trade war, the U.K.’s planned exit from the European Union and escalating tension between the U.S. and Iran have weighed on market sentiment in recent weeks, Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat said Wednesday.