The good reason why banks make bad fintech partners


Fintechs should learn to value risk management — and the necessary bureaucracy that comes with it, bankers said this week in defending themselves again criticism that they are a pain in the neck to work with.


How four community bank CEOs are navigating difficult times


For community bankers, the current environment is more challenging than ever, with high regulatory burden and tough competition. Four bank CEOs sat down to discuss the future of the industry, and what they are hoping may change.


'Regulation by enforcement' makes compliance unpredictable, new MBA chair says


The CFPB's practice of "regulation by enforcement" forces mortgage companies to develop compliance standards based on the mistakes of their peers, rather than clear guidance from the enforcement agency, said David Motley, the new chairman of the Mortgage Bankers Association.


Amex names a new CEO as it confronts a SCOTUS case, Costco recovery


There's never an easy time to change leaders, but for American Express it's a particularly challenging time as it faces legal challenges to a core part of its fee structure and is still revamping its business model after a stinging client loss.


CRA standing restored at BancorpSouth


The Tupelo, Miss., company has recouped its “satisfactory” community reinvestment rating, removing a regulatory obstacle to two pending acquisitions.


Will regtech kill bank jobs?


It's a question many banks are already confronting head-on as they implement new technologies designed to make compliance easier.


Former Utah banking chief joins board of Glacier


George Sutton, now an attorney in Salt Lake City, will sit on several Glacier Bancorp committees, including audit and compliance.


Innovation vexing for banks and fintechs alike


Banks that find true innovation hard to accomplish can take heart — it’s no picnic for startups either. To hear both sides share their challenges is an argument for collaboration.


Ocwen settles servicing lawsuit with 10 states


Ocwen Financial reached a settlement with 10 states where it can't acquire servicing rights for eight months but it will not face any financial penalties.


Equifax's business model under growing scrutiny


As Equifax sheds its top execs, more experts are casting attention on the business practice of charging consumers for monitoring their personal data at bureaus that otherwise give them little control over their financial identities.