Beware the privacy risks that come with a crypto venture


The Financial Action Task Force’s recent guidance on data privacy regulations should serve as a warning to companies planning to test virtual currencies.


FHA revises proposed mortgage lender certification


The Federal Housing Administration updated its lender certification proposal originally issued this past May, as it looks to ease industry concerns on False Claims Act enforcement.


Why President Trump has the Fed on the ropes


The Federal Reserve's monetary policies have exacerbated the wealth gap, making the central bank a vulnerable target for Trump. He’s taking full advantage.


Wells Fargo creates new roles in latest effort to satisfy regulators


The San Francisco bank is moving two executives into new positions who will report to consumer banking head Mary Mack.


Mnuchin's former bank agrees to $100M redlining settlement


The Department of Housing and Urban Development approved a settlement in favor of the California Reinvestment Coalition against CIT Group's OneWest Bank, which was run by Steven Mnuchin prior to him becoming Treasury secretary.


Is there a better way to fight money laundering?


Banks submit millions of Bank Secrecy Act filings each year, yet only a fraction are valuable to law enforcement. Inside the effort to change that.


As benefit payments went digital, banks had to improve cash access


Most agencies use electronic benefit transfer to deliver funds to prepaid cards, but recipients who need access to cash are often caught in a bind, with fewer convenient or free ATMs available in an increasingly digital payments landscape.


Easing derivatives trading rule would help the system, not hurt it


Regulators should proceed with removing one of the margin requirements for trading swaps.


Additional regulator won't fix the convoluted regulatory system


Smart rulemaking starts with consolidating multiple agencies into one body with a clear mandate.


Equifax fine punches a hole in data security culture


The timing of the settlement serves as a warning to other companies of the risks they face in an increasingly data-focused economy.