Commercial real estate lending

CRE concerns intensify as stimulus programs expire


Commercial real estate loans are vulnerable as financial assistance for tenants winds down and might not be fully renewed. Late rent payments could rise, leading lenders to press landlords to pay up.


Lawmakers urge Fed, Treasury to let CRE borrowers tap Main Street loans


Commercial real estate companies are among those left out of the Federal Reserve’s middle-market relief program, but House members said they need government-backed financing to navigate the pandemic as much as anyone.


Fed weighs changes to Main Street program to allay banks' concerns


With only a fraction of the funds allocated being used, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said the central bank is considering tweaks to the middle-market rescue program in an appeal to lenders wary of taking on added risk.


Small Texas bank doubles down on hotel lending


At a time when many lenders are shying away from an industry hit hard by the pandemic, State Bank of Texas is going all in.


Does Congress have cure for what's ailing CRE borrowers?


Many commercial property owners are locked out of existing coronavirus relief by financing terms that bar them from taking new loans. Under a House bill, they would receive government-backed equity investments.


Banks 'not getting a ton of interest' in Main Street program: Powell


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said about 300 lenders have signed on to the program and that the central bank is committed to making adjustments that could attract more borrowers.


The pandemic’s CRE domino effect


As revenue-starved retailers fall further behind on rent payments, landlords' cash flow will be strained, and defaults on commercial real estate loans could rise.


'Indefinite shutdowns' harming U.S. economy, new OCC chief says


Acting Comptroller of the Currency Brian Brooks took the extraordinary step of wading into the debate over when it was appropriate to reopen businesses.


Banks tighten lending standards as coronavirus crimps demand: Survey


Lenders implemented stricter underwriting across all loan types in the first quarter as the pandemic upended the economy, the Federal Reserve said in its survey of loan officers.


Banks brace for a new normal in commercial real estate


The office and retail markets could look very different in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Here's what it could mean for lenders.