Virtual Currency's New Frontier: Cryptocollateral


States are just beginning to regulate cryptocurrency as a credit collateral for lenders. More can be done.


Red flags worrying lawmakers 11 years after financial crisis


Members of the House Financial Services Committee cited leveraged lending, cybersecurity and the switch to a new interest rate benchmark among potential systemic risks that keep them up at night.


'The risk isn't in the banks': Fed's Powell on leveraged lending


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says the agency is closely monitoring leveraged lending risks, but suggests further regulations on banks aren’t warranted.


System can withstand threat posed by leveraged lending: Powell


Although higher corporate debt could hurt the economy, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell argued changes made since the last crisis will guard against a meltdown.


Can New York state ease benchmark switch for legacy Libor contracts?


An industry working group might seek legislation to eliminate the need for investor consent in the shift to a new benchmark interest rate. But any legislative fix is almost certain to be challenged because choosing an alternative to Libor will inevitably favor one party in a transaction over another.


Citi plans machine takeover of call centers; Shareholders bail on two foreign banks


CEO Corbat says “thousands” of call center jobs may be lost; Barclays shareholder sells all stock in the bank and Deutsche’s biggest slashes its stake.


Fed seeks market data from banks; Regulators encourage new technology


The Fed wants more information on Treasury and mortgage-backed securities; will overlook compliance failures resulting from pilot programs.


Fed warns over leveraged lending as banks chase riskier deals


The Federal Reserve is getting more concerned about risks from the leveraged loan market, with a key official saying it's now taking a "closer look" at whether banks are chasing deals without adequately protecting themselves against losses.


Banks might not have long to cheer for reg relief


While reform legislation for banks is just around the corner, market signals suggest the economy could be headed toward another downturn.


Dear Congress: Don’t repeat Dodd-Frank’s mistakes


A federal appeals court overturned part of the 2010 law’s risk retention rule earlier this year. The legal battle highlights mistakes to be avoided during the next reform fight.