Leveraged lending has avoided pandemic hit. Will that last?


Defaults have been milder than expected thanks to government relief and stricter underwriting. But with the crisis dragging on and policymakers unable to agree on a stimulus plan, loans to highly indebted companies remain at risk.


Morgan Stanley deal signals race for scale at fund managers


Morgan Stanley’s $7 billion purchase of Eaton Vance marks the latest wager that finding a big partner is critical to survival in the asset management industry.


Truist sells legacy SunTrust CRE loan-servicing platform


The Charlotte, N.C., company recently closed on a sale of its Cohen Financial platform to SitusAMC.


No, CLOs will not cause the next banking crisis


An article in The Atlantic warning that collateralized loan obligations will be banks’ next downfall overestimates the risk of these securities.


Banks prepare to reopen branches; unused $130 billion in PPP loans goes begging


Lenders stock up on masks, Plexiglas barriers and cleaning supplies; lawmakers hope recent fixes will attract more borrowers, but small businesses remain wary after constant changes.


Goldman's mixed message; Fannie and Freddie have a tall order


COO says bank is on track to meet growth targets but expects more consumer lending losses; the mortgage agencies’ ability to raise $240 billion in capital before going private won’t be easy.


Fed expands CLO assistance with TALF revision


But market observers remain unsure whether changes to the $100 billion Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility program will boost CLO investor demand or new-deal issuance, given key restrictions that remain in place.


5 more moves the Fed is making to prop up the economy


Midsize businesses and state and local governments are among the beneficiaries of the central bank's latest $2 trillion effort to mitigate the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


Virus could deal blow to leveraged loans. What's that mean for banks?


Banks may be protected from a direct hit, but they have invested in vehicles that include such loans, potentially exposing them to defaults.


Leveraged loans take center stage in upcoming stress tests


Regulators are alarmed about banks' rising exposure to high-risk corporate credits and want more data on how they would perform in a recession.