Can California's mini-CFPB pick up slack left by federal agency?


Former CFPB Director Richard Cordray and consumer advocates have designed a proposed state consumer agency that would subject more financial firms and fintechs to state oversight.


California governor to unveil plan for state CFPB


California Gov. Gavin Newsom plans to ask the legislature to revamp the current Department of Business Oversight and rename it the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation, modeled after the federal CFPB.


CFPB names longtime agency critic to chair consumer task force


Todd Zywicki, a law professor who has sharply criticized the CFPB as an unaccountable bureaucracy, has been named chair of an agency task force identifying potential conflicts and inconsistencies in consumer finance law.


CFPB critics to Supreme Court: The agency must go


The case before the court deals mainly with a statutory clause limiting the president’s ability to fire a CFPB director. But briefs filed with the court say striking that provision does not fully solve the bureau’s constitutional problems.


The 2020 legislative docket: AML reform, GSEs, Dems v. regulators


The window to change beneficial-ownership rules or pass other measures will be narrow, but some legislative efforts from 2019 will carry over and House Democrats will resume inquiries of certain industry CEOs and Trump-appointed regulators.


Supreme Court battle, presidential race loom over CFPB in 2020


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau faces a busy policy agenda heading into the new year, as well as strong external forces that are beyond its control.


Warren, Brown call on GAO to investigate CFPB's fair lending oversight


The two Democrats sent a letter “raising grave concerns about whether the bureau is fulfilling its statutory obligations.”


Where have all the CFPB fair-lending cases gone?


Despite assurances by Director Kathy Kraninger that the agency is cracking down on discrimination, the agency has not filed an enforcement action or sent a Department of Justice referral on a fair-lending violation in two years.


Why PayPal is suing the CFPB over its prepaid card rules


PayPal — which is rarely thought of as a prepaid card company — has filed a lawsuit against the CFPB over its rules on prepaid accounts, underscoring the rapid changes in digital financial services and PayPal’s own expanding financial services ambitions in recent years.


Warren, Brown object to CFPB plan to issue formal advisory opinions


The two Democratic senators said the bureau's policy could allow companies to circumvent consumer finance laws.