Capital One

Capital One's 4Q profit buoyed by strong credit quality


Capital One Financial is the latest credit card issuer to release loss reserves because its loans have performed better than expected during the pandemic


Capital One fined $290M for ‘willful’ anti-money-laundering failures


The McLean, Va.-based company admitted that it failed to file suspicious activity reports even in cases when it knew about criminal charges against specific customers. The misconduct took place in a unit that served check-cashing businesses and was later shut down.


Bank regulators mull stricter rules for reporting of data breaches


It has been 15 years since the federal banking agencies issued guidance on an institution’s obligation to inform its regulator about a cyberattack. A proposal to be unveiled this week could establish a more specific notification deadline.


Capital One promotes Lia Dean to head of retail banking


Dean, who joined Capital One in 2014, succeeds Kleber Santos, who left the bank earlier this month to lead diversity initiatives at Wells Fargo.


Wells Fargo taps Capital One executive to lead diversity efforts


Kleber Santos will be responsible for building a more inclusive workforce and designing products that meet the needs of a broader, more diverse range of customers.


How much longer will consumer credit hold up?


Payment rates for auto lenders and credit card issuers have remained strong despite a spike in unemployment. Whether these trends continue into 2021 will depend largely on the actions of Congress and the pace of medical advances.


Card companies, surprised by low write-offs, seek new customers


Lenders have spent months puzzled by the persistently low delinquencies on their credit cards. Now, they’re seizing the moment.


How Colleen Taylor created new rungs in her long payments career


In her steady advance up the payments industry career ladder, Colleen Taylor has pursued a consistent theme of taking on challenging roles at pivotal moments, which has propelled her trajectory.


Credit card firms split on fate of consumers while U.S. cuts aid


Capital One Financial is reining in credit lines to reduce its exposure while the nation’s largest card issuer, JPMorgan Chase, is rolling out a new card designed for travelers and diners.