Branch network

M&T defends 12% increase in costs


While executives at the Buffalo, N.Y., bank said they would take a closer look at spending, especially given the potential for interest rate cuts, they described investments in tech talent as an essential cost of doing business.


Vernon Hill’s back in New York, and the playbook looks familiar


A lot has changed since Hill first entered the city, but he is determined to stick with the branch-dependent strategy he relied on before his ouster from Commerce Bank a decade ago.


How MUFG’s ‘digital hybrid’ bank raised $7B in deposits


Pierre Habis, president of PurePoint Financial, explains how the digital bank and small network of paperless branches are meeting consumers’ needs.


Make building your brand an inside job


Community banks need to focus more on how their employees talk about the bank and less on new competition moving in.


Fifth Third's Joel Kashuba on the art and science of design


Kashuba, who heads design and innovation at Fifth Third Bank, says looks matter even to the common credit card.


Using AI to find the ideal branch location


Paramount Financial Technologies says its software can help banks answer key questions about their branch networks, including when it makes sense to expand them.


New York de novo debuts after raising $131 million


Grasshopper Bancorp will target the innovation economy in New York City and other markets across the country.


Why keep branches around? They make great billboards


As foot traffic continues to decline, bankers are relying on gimmicks like dramatic lighting and placing buildings closer to highways in an effort to market their institutions.


10 years after resurrection, BankUnited eyes Atlanta, servicing exit


The moves are part of a plan CEO Rajinder Singh discussed in a conversation with American Banker.


Keystone in Texas raises $31M, buys a branch


The new capital will allow the Austin bank to increase its lending limit.