Big banks hire 19,000 with pandemic boosting demand for services


Eight of the top 15 firms increased headcount this year through June, while only four reduced it.


Fed tweaks Main Street Lending Program; bank offices' post-pandemic look


The changes are meant to make the program more attractive for both business borrowers and the banks that make the loans; as workers trickle back to offices on Wall Street, they'll see a different landscape due to coronavirus concerns.


Acting comptroller warns on masks; stimulus debit cards cause confusion


Brian Brooks says coronavirus mandates, such as masks, could potentially harm banks; some recipients of the Treasury prepaid cards don’t believe they are for real.


Bankers aren’t returning to skyscrapers anytime soon


As the coronavirus outbreak starts to ebb in New York and pressure rises on the U.K. government to end London’s lockdown, the largest banks are grappling with how to adhere to social distancing rules.


CFPB case hearing ahead; Amex accused of aggressive sign-up tactics


The Supreme Court will hear arguments on the agency’s structure; the company, desperate after losing Costco’s business, allegedly pressured and misled applicants.


Dimon ‘open-minded’ on deals; CFPB would permit ‘zombie’ debt collection


JPMorgan would consider buying other businesses; collectors would be allowed to pursue debt past the statute of limitations, if they warn borrowers.


Intuit eyes Credit Karma; JPMorgan Chase plans U.K. digital bank


The deal, which could be announced Monday, would push the TurboTax maker into consumer finance; the bank would follow U.S. rival Goldman Sachs into the British market.


Senate Republicans target banks refusing services to ICE contractors


Five Republican senators want to cut off deposit insurance for banks that have stopped offering financial services to firms that operate detention facilities and private prisons on behalf of the federal government.