Banking brands

People's Utah rebrands its banks as Altabank


The company, which plans to become Altabancorp, said the initiative removes brand confusion and puts its size and scale on display.


Why 'WaFd'? To avoid being seen as a credit union


When Washington Federal last rebranded, it was to signal its shift from a savings and loan association to a commercial bank. This time around, it's to reflect geographic diversity and its desire to be viewed as a bank.


Truist out to prove it can best the megabanks in tech


To combat the notion that regional banks’ tech offerings are inferior, the combined BB&T-SunTrust will have to go “toe-to-toe” with big banks, BB&T chief Kelly King said ahead of shareholder approval of the deal Tuesday.


Did Facebook swipe its Calibra logo from a challenger bank?


The new digital-currency unit at Facebook has a logo that's nearly identical to that of challenger bank Current, which has been around since 2015.


Beyond 'Truist': A brief history of unusual bank brands


"Truist" was roundly mocked when it was unveiled as the name of the merging BB&T and SunTrust, but it’s hardly the first bank moniker to elicit a "huh?" from critics.


Hard sell ahead for BB&T-SunTrust as ‘Truist’ lands with a thud


Judging by day one on social media, you’d think the new Truist brand was a flop. But marketing and branding experts say the name has a lot going for it. What matters most will be how the two banks advocate for the name.


BB&T-SunTrust unveil postmerger name that nods to legacies


The combined company will be known as Truist, which plays off “trust,” a word the banks’ original names had in common.


Suspense builds on new brand for BB&T-SunTrust


SunTrust CEO Bill Rogers on Thursday explained the direction he and BB&T chief Kelly King are going with the new name, but gave no hints on what it is or when it will be unveiled.


BBVA Compass rebranding as BBVA


In the months ahead, the Birmingham, Ala., bank will drop Compass from its name across all of its branches and digital properties. It’s part of a broader plan by its Spanish parent Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria to unify its brand worldwide.


Time to rebrand Wells Fargo


PR campaigns won’t be enough to salvage the bank’s reputation after a series of scandals. Instead, it should look into adopting a new name, among other crucial steps.