Small lenders embrace automation for latest PPP round


First Bank in New Jersey, Northeast Bank in Maine and others have warmed to the idea of using software to streamline Paycheck Protection Program lending so that employees can be more hands-on with customers.


Douugh launches with AI to help the affluent improve financial habits


The challenger bank will start by recommending how much users should allocate toward savings and spending, and will later transfer those amounts automatically.


Databits: AI & automation


The industry has long talked about embracing digital technology — but the time for talk may be over.


Community banks get on board with bots


Robotic process automation is normally the province of large banks, but Extraco Banks in Texas and Carter Bank in Virginia are training bots to perform repetitive, mind-numbing tasks.


New tech could save banks $70B by 2025


The rapid pace of technological change will force financial services companies to invest in more efficient digital offerings for clients, eliminate jobs and retrain staff to focus on higher-value work, according to an Accenture report.


Robots to cut 200,000 U.S. bank jobs in next decade: Study


Technological efficiencies will result in the biggest reduction in headcount across the U.S. banking industry in its history, with an estimated 200,000 job cuts over the next decade, Wells Fargo said in a report.


Where is this online lender using AI? Everywhere


Enova has used AI in credit decisions for years. Now it’s having AI do the work of document verification, know-your-customer checks and more.


How some banks are luring talent from big tech


Most financial institutions can’t compete on pay, but there are other advantages they can offer, including agile development.


Banks should welcome fee-busting AI, fintech says


Cushion uses AI to help consumers negotiate refunds of overdraft and other fees. But it argues there's a bank play in its technology if bankers take the long view.


A busy month for fintech funding


Here are seven startups that received multimillion-dollar venture capital investments in recent weeks to accelerate the development of banking products and services.