Ally Bank

Banks turn to influencers to build buzz about their brands


Financial institutions like Ally Financial, Clinton Savings Bank and First National Bank of Omaha are recruiting personal finance experts, college students and local personalities to promote their products and services.


Bankers talk around lending prospects, talk up need for stimulus


Executives from a half-dozen major financial institutions avoided detailed commercial lending forecasts and gave a mixed outlook on consumer credit at an industry conference. And they called on Washington to pass an aid package targeted at the most troubled business sectors as soon as it can.


Why Ally Bank built an island on Animal Crossing


The digital bank is on a larger mission to attract younger customers. It's inserting itself into the popular video game in the hope that game players will learn about its products and have fun at the same time.


Ally expects margin expansion from consumer loan growth


Originations in the third quarter are on pace to double what the Detroit lender reported a quarter earlier, adding more high-yielding loans to the balance sheet.


Branchless banks defy the naysayers


Ally and other direct banks continue to report strong deposit growth even as they slash the rates they pay to depositors. The trend suggests that the online-only approach has more staying power than its detractors believed.


BofA’s ROI on AI: 7 million Erica users, and counting


A year after it debuted, Bank of America's virtual assistant now counts some 150,000 users per week. It's one of the only large institutions pushing such technology.


This fintech drove billions in deposits to EU banks. Can it work here?


Raisin is planning to create an online marketplace for high-yield savings accounts and CDs for the U.S., but persuading Americans to save could be a challenge.


This fintech says it can help financial advisers take on banks


Galileo Processing has created a digital banking product that seeks to provide wealth managers with the offering they generally lack: an in-house savings account that pays competitive rates.


High rates alone won't make direct banks' customers happy, study says


J.D. Power found that customers who have a variety of accounts with an online-only bank are far more satisfied than those with just checking or savings accounts.