Simple's founder launches platform to help crypto app developers sidestep banks


Shamir Karkal said his startup will allow fintechs to develop ACH processing for their companies without having to partner with banks.


Where banks can boost transparency in payments


At this year’s Swift Business Forum in New York, executives said banks can build "more intelligent routing" to speed up payments and reduce the cost of processing and delivery.


Real-time corporate payments not ready for prime time


The quest for fast payments is advancing on the consumer side, but most banks are said to be undecided about a host of issues tied to speeding up transactions between businesses.


Crypto crackdown? That's a lot of hype, too


Fears about regulators coming down on digital currency trading caused an epic crash in the market this week. But reining in this evolving asset class won't be easy.


Rethinking bill pay when there isn’t a bill


Providing the default card in digital subscription services is one way banks can win back bill-pay business, save customers time and help them manage their data.


As new real-time payments go live, much work remains


This week's first transaction over The Clearing House's Real-Time Payments system may be a huge step for speeding up payments in the U.S., but it also highlights the long road still ahead.


The real-world impact of real-time payments


As the banking industry moves closer to adopting a faster payments system, bank executives have begun to think through the impact it will have on clients and banks themselves.


Fed commits to speeding up payments following task force report


In early fall, the central bank is expected to announce its next steps regarding how to improve the aging U.S. payments system.


The Fed’s got some big decisions to make on faster payments


For the last two years, the central bank has allowed the private sector to drive a process aimed at modernizing the nation's payments system. Now the Fed will have to determine what its own role will be.


Fed panel puts faster payments on three-year track


An influential task force established by the central bank envisions a future in which the U.S. has multiple real-time payment systems, and in a new report it lays out a series of actions that will be necessary to stitch them together.