Zelle teams with Clearing House to speed P2P payments — and woo small banks


Early Warning's person-to-person payment network predicts that faster settlement through The Clearing House's Real Time Payments will enhance its appeal.


The American payment system was ready for the coronavirus pandemic


The modern-day payment system was, over the last two decades, tailor-made for the shelter-in-place conditions many now live and work under today.


‘We want to take the time to get it right’ — Fed’s Montgomery on FedNow


Ken Montgomery, who is heading up the Federal Reserve's faster payments network, says the agency is taking an incremental approach to launching the service.


Why the Fed is taking an incremental approach to faster payments


To address immediate market demand but allow time for the project to be done right, the official leading implementation of FedNow says the central bank envisions an initial release in 2023 or 2024 followed by subsequent updates.


The Clearing House raises real-time payment threshold to counter rival networks


In a move to increase the attractiveness of its Real-Time Payment network, The Clearing House is raising the transactional limit for single payments to $100,000 starting Feb. 1.


Fed payment system experiences second disruption of 2019


The Federal Reserve is investigating what may have caused delays in the processing of ACH transactions that began late Wednesday and continued into Thursday morning.


As faster payments proliferate, is there a business case for banks?


If the deployment of faster payments came with a guarantee to boost a financial institution's bottom line, more banks and businesses would likely invest in bringing their legacy systems into a new age.


The Bancorp warns of potential hit from ACH transaction


The Delaware company recently learned of a disputed transaction that could take a bite out of future earnings.


Payments system and community banks need FedNow


Congress should get behind the Fed's effort to launch a real-time payments service instead of getting in its way.


Cross River makes jump to real-time payments. Will other small banks follow?


Increased adoption of The Clearing House’s faster payments system could put pressure on community banks and credit unions awaiting the launch of the Fed’s competing service, FedNow.