There have been 156 business bankruptcy cases in Texas Southern in 2014

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Year Filed
Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Case TitleSurfacing USA LLCCourtTexas Southern7:14-bk-700911102/04/2014
Case TitleSpecialized Hydraulic Services, Inc.CourtTexas Southern4:14-bk-30487701/24/2014
Case TitleCowe, Inc.CourtTexas Southern4:14-bk-30569701/30/2014
Case TitleFour Tigers Group, LLCCourtTexas Southern5:14-bk-500041101/07/2014
Case TitleProperty Investment Central Inc.CourtTexas Southern4:14-bk-301351101/06/2014
Case TitleFreezia LLCCourtTexas Southern4:14-bk-300541101/03/2014