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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and PMC BancorpNew York Southern1:08-bk-135551109/15/2008
Jeffrey Lew Liddle, et al.New York Southern1:19-bk-107471103/11/2019
Alhambra Ballroom, Inc.New York Southern7:20-bk-22945708/19/2020
Vernon 4540 Realty LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-229191108/05/2020
Seabras 1 USA, LLCNew York Southern1:19-bk-140061112/22/2019
C.T.W. Realty Corp.New York Southern1:19-bk-114251105/01/2019
Sizmek Inc.New York Southern1:19-bk-109711103/29/2019
Village Red Restaurant Corp.New York Southern1:18-bk-109601104/06/2018
Fyre Festival LLCNew York Southern1:17-bk-11883707/07/2017
Flywheel Sports Parent, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-12157709/14/2020
China Hospitals, Inc. and Mr. Cosimo BorrelliNew York Southern1:19-bk-137671511/24/2019
Kingate Global Fund, Ltd. and Paul Pretlove and Tammy FuNew York Southern1:19-bk-128531509/05/2019
Interview, Inc.New York Southern1:18-bk-11514705/21/2018
Simon Appell and Eleanor FisherNew York Southern1:17-bk-107361503/27/201703/13/2018Discharge Not Applicable
China Fishery Group Limited (Cayman) and Pacific Andes International Holdings Limited (BermNew York Southern1:16-bk-118951106/30/2016
Windstream Holdings, Inc.New York Southern7:19-bk-223121102/25/2019
Nine West Holdings, Inc.New York Southern1:18-bk-109471104/06/2018
Breitburn Energy Partners LP, et al.,New York Southern1:16-bk-113901105/15/2016
USF Colleections, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-120851109/08/2020
HCC Caterers Inc.New York Southern7:19-bk-236341109/12/2019
Wallace House CorporationNew York Southern7:20-bk-22122701/24/2020
LSC Communications, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-109501104/13/2020
Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-10242701/28/2020
Flywheel Sports, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-12158709/14/2020
Century 21 Department Stores LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-120971109/10/2020
Cosmoledo, LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-121171109/10/2020
58 Bruce Avenue Corp.New York Southern7:20-bk-230331109/10/2020
Condado Plaza Acquisition LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-120941109/09/2020
20 East 76th Street Co., LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-110071104/26/2020
Frontier Communications CorporationNew York Southern7:20-bk-224761104/14/2020
Dean & DeLuca New York, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-109161103/31/2020
Epiphany Community Nursery School, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-10377702/07/2020
Purdue Pharma L.P.New York Southern7:19-bk-236491109/15/2019
Reward Science and Technology Industry Group Co., and Yin ZhengyouNew York Southern1:19-bk-129081509/09/2019
305 East 61st Street Group LLCNew York Southern1:19-bk-119111106/10/2019
RockYou, Inc.New York Southern1:19-bk-10453702/13/2019
Sears Holdings Corporation and Dallas Independent School DistrictNew York Southern7:18-bk-235381110/15/2018
Prime Hotel Management LLCNew York Southern1:18-bk-102211101/30/2018
2954 Daniel Street Realty CorpNew York Southern1:17-bk-134511112/01/2017
Navillus Tile, Inc.New York Southern1:17-bk-131621111/08/2017
East 214th Street Corp.New York Southern1:17-bk-128811110/16/2017
444 East 13 LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-231431107/21/2017
E. 10th St. Holdings LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-231421107/21/2017
E. 9th St. Holdings LLCNew York Southern7:17-bk-231411107/21/2017
135 West 13 LLCNew York Southern1:17-bk-113711105/17/2017
AMADEUS 140 LLCNew York Southern1:16-bk-119601107/08/201601/02/2018
AOG Entertainment, Inc. and Core Litigation TrustNew York Southern1:16-bk-110901104/28/2016
Sound Shore Medical Center of WestchesterNew York Southern7:13-bk-228401105/29/2013
Metropark USA, Inc.New York Southern7:11-bk-228661105/02/2011
OneWeb Global LimitedNew York Southern7:20-bk-224371103/27/2020