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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Evergreen Gardens Mezz LLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-103351102/22/2021
Aguila, Inc.New York Southern1:21-bk-117761110/15/2021
Restaurante La Libertad, Corp. d/b/a El Patio MexiNew York Southern1:21-bk-103701102/26/2021
Purdue Pharma L.P.New York Southern7:19-bk-236491109/15/2019
WP Realty Acquisition III LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-230381109/11/2020
JCK Legacy Company et, al.New York Southern1:20-bk-104181102/13/2020
Grupo Aeromexico, S.A.B. de C.V.New York Southern1:20-bk-115631106/30/2020
Mich's Maccs, LLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-115671109/03/2021
Ninety-Five Madison Company, LPNew York Southern1:21-bk-105291103/22/2021
LATAM Airlines Group S.A.New York Southern1:20-bk-112541105/26/2020
Philippine Airlines, Inc.New York Southern1:21-bk-115691109/03/2021
Suffern Partners LLCNew York Southern7:21-bk-222801105/16/2021
MatlinPatterson Global Opportunities Partners II LNew York Southern1:21-bk-112551107/06/2021
Kossoff PLLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-10699704/13/2021
Banco Nacional S.A. and Reginaldo Brandt SilvaNew York Southern1:21-bk-115941509/09/2021
Dean & DeLuca New York, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-109161103/31/2020
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.New York Southern1:08-bk-135551109/15/2008
PB Life and Annuity Co., Ltd. and Rachelle Frisby and John Johnston, as Joint ProvisNew York Southern1:20-bk-127911512/03/2020
New York Classic Motors, LLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-106701104/09/2021
232 Seigel Acquisition LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-228451107/14/2020
The Northwest Company LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-10990704/18/2020
Colonial Gate Gardens LLCNew York Southern7:21-bk-222651105/06/2021
Kumtor Gold Company CJSCNew York Southern1:21-bk-110511105/31/2021
232 Seigel Development LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-228441107/14/2020
GBG USA Inc., et al.New York Southern1:21-bk-113691107/29/2021
Skill Capital LLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-112751107/08/2021
Gateway Kensington LLCNew York Southern7:21-bk-222741105/14/2021
Adelphia Communications Corporation and U.S. Specialty Insurance CompanyNew York Southern1:02-bk-417291106/25/2002
531 Management LLCNew York Southern1:17-bk-105191103/06/2017
Grupo Famsa, S.A.B. de C.V. and Paloma Elizabeth Arellano BujandaNew York Southern1:20-bk-118111508/06/2020
L&L Wings, Inc.New York Southern1:21-bk-107951104/24/2021
Congers Pharmacy Inc.New York Southern7:20-bk-232751112/15/2020
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre, NeNew York Southern1:20-bk-123451110/01/2020
500 W 184 LLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-103921103/02/2021
JCV Group LLCNew York Southern1:19-bk-135631111/06/2019
TAM Linhas Aereas S.A.New York Southern1:20-bk-115981107/09/2020
P8H, Inc.New York Southern1:20-bk-108091103/16/2020
International Shipholding CorporationNew York Southern1:16-bk-122201108/01/2016
The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc.New York Southern7:15-bk-230071107/19/2015
Teligent, Inc. and Reorganized TeligentNew York Southern1:01-bk-12974705/21/2001
Rapid-American CorporationNew York Southern1:13-bk-106871103/08/2013
China Fishery Group Limited (Cayman) and Pacific Andes International Holdings Limited (BermNew York Southern1:16-bk-118951106/30/2016
Sears Holdings CorporationNew York Southern7:18-bk-235381110/15/201806/01/2021
203 W 107th Street LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-129601112/28/2020
Lebenthal Holdings, LLCNew York Southern1:17-bk-13337711/28/2017
ApplianceSmart, Inc. and Hopkins Mainstreet II, LLCNew York Southern1:19-bk-138871112/09/2019
Old Carco LLC and Scott GrahamNew York Southern1:09-bk-500021104/30/200903/02/2016
J.P.R. Mechanical Inc.New York Southern7:19-bk-23480708/16/2019
Centric Brands Inc.New York Southern7:20-bk-226371105/18/2020
Branded Apparel Group LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-125521110/29/2020