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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
MatlinPatterson Global Opportunities Partners II LNew York Southern1:21-bk-112551107/06/2021
KB US Holdings, Inc.New York Southern7:20-bk-229621108/23/2020
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre, NeNew York Southern1:20-bk-123451110/01/2020
SAS ABNew York Southern1:22-bk-109251107/05/2022
Cassway Contracting Corp.New York Southern7:22-bk-22107703/05/2022
LATAM Airlines Group S.A.New York Southern1:20-bk-112541105/26/2020
Endo International plcNew York Southern7:22-bk-225491108/16/2022
Times Square JV LLCNew York Southern1:22-bk-117151112/28/2022
Easco Boiler Corp.New York Southern1:22-bk-108811106/27/2022
Awal Finance Company (No. 5) Limited, et al., and Christopher Dorrien Johnson, Russell Homer,New York Southern1:15-bk-106521503/19/2015
Buckingham Tower Condominium, Inc.New York Southern7:22-bk-224031106/30/2022
Voyager Digital Holdings, Inc.New York Southern1:22-bk-109431107/05/2022
Club Ventures Limelight LLCNew York Southern1:16-bk-13617712/30/2016
Revlon, Inc.New York Southern1:22-bk-107601106/15/2022
Club Ventures Miami LLCNew York Southern1:16-bk-13618712/30/2016
Aurora Commercial Corp.New York Southern1:19-bk-108431103/24/201905/26/2020
Purdue Pharma L.P.New York Southern7:19-bk-236491109/15/2019
Old Market Group Holdings Corp.New York Southern1:20-bk-101611101/23/2020
Fitness Recovery Holdings, LLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-12146712/31/2021
All Year Holdings LimitedNew York Southern1:21-bk-120511112/14/2021
China Fishery Group Limited (Cayman) and Pacific Andes Enterprises (Hong Kong) Ltd.New York Southern1:16-bk-118951106/30/2016
Nuovo Ciao-Di LLCNew York Southern1:23-bk-100681101/20/2023
1023 Post Road, LLCNew York Southern7:23-bk-22043701/17/2023
Yonkers Rising Acquisition CorpNew York Southern7:22-bk-22286705/19/2022
Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KGNew York Southern1:17-bk-122821508/18/2017
Arcapita Bank B.S.C.(C), et al. and Tadhamon Capital B.S.C.New York Southern1:12-bk-110761103/19/2012
1191 Dolsontown Road, LLCNew York Southern4:19-bk-368701111/20/2019
Statewide Ambulette Service, Inc.New York Southern7:21-bk-225861110/18/2021
Irregular Mikes LLCNew York Southern1:23-bk-100841101/24/2023
BLT Restaurant Group LLCNew York Southern1:22-bk-103351103/18/2022
QHC Upstate Medical, P.C.New York Southern7:22-bk-224101107/05/2022
WB Bridge Hotel LLCNew York Southern7:20-bk-232881112/21/2020
Genesis Global Holdco, LLCNew York Southern1:23-bk-100631101/19/2023
Urban Commons 2 West LLCNew York Southern1:22-bk-115091111/15/2022
Par Sterile Products, LLCNew York Southern7:22-bk-225801108/16/2022
78-80 St Marks Place, LLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-12139712/29/2021
RM Bakery LLC and BKD Group LLCNew York Southern1:20-bk-114221106/15/2020
Wythe Berry Fee Owner LLCNew York Southern1:22-bk-113401110/06/2022
Frontier Communications CorporationNew York Southern7:20-bk-224761104/14/2020
6525 Belcrest Road, LLCNew York Southern1:21-bk-109681105/19/2021
100 Orchard St. LLCNew York Southern1:22-bk-103581103/23/2022
JCA Literary Agency, Inc.New York Southern1:08-bk-12558707/07/2008
Sentient Buildings LLCNew York Southern7:22-bk-228611111/14/2022
Agro Santino OOD and Yordanka Ivanova PanchovskaNew York Southern1:22-bk-107561506/14/2022
Mallett Inc.New York Southern1:21-bk-116191109/15/2021
Velocity Auto Spa and Storage Inc.New York Southern1:22-bk-113831110/15/2022
Historic & Trophy Buildings Fund FCP-SIF, in judic and Philippe ThiebaudNew York Southern1:22-bk-114611511/02/2022
130 Bowery Acquisition LLCNew York Southern1:22-bk-111091108/12/2022
Windstream Holdings, Inc.New York Southern7:19-bk-223121102/25/201901/22/2021
Gorm Deep Blue LimitedNew York Southern1:22-bk-109331107/05/2022