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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Keene CorporationNew York Southern1:93-bk-460901112/03/199304/25/2001
JWP, Inc. and EMCOR Group, Inc. f/k/a JWP INC.New York Southern1:93-bk-464041112/21/1993
MacMillan College Publishing Company, Inc.New York Southern1:93-bk-456261111/10/199303/23/2004
MCC LDM, Inc.New York Southern1:93-bk-456281111/10/199309/11/2006
Jossey-Bass, Inc., PublishersNew York Southern1:93-bk-456271111/10/199301/30/2009Discharge Not Applicable
Payroll Express Propertes, Inc.New York Southern1:93-bk-429091106/04/199301/06/2012Dismissed for Other Reason 01/06/2012
N & B Jewelry Corp.New York Southern1:93-bk-42969706/09/199308/27/2001
Stewart Project, Inc.New York Southern4:93-bk-31984709/10/199305/29/2001
West 13th Street Food, Inc.New York Southern1:93-bk-45746711/17/199305/04/2006
127 John Street Associates and John Street Leasehold, LLCNew York Southern1:93-bk-461711112/09/199310/25/2006Discharge Not Applicable
MacMillan, Inc.New York Southern1:93-bk-456251111/10/199304/04/2013Discharge Not Applicable