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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
LAS UVAS VALLEY DAIRIES and Associated Case in US District CourtNew Mexico1:17-bk-123561109/15/201707/27/2018
5K Car Store, Inc., a New Mexico Corporation and Marc Paul PowellNew Mexico1:17-bk-11456706/02/2017
JSS of Albuquerque, LLC and Associated Case in US District CourtNew Mexico1:17-bk-100921101/18/201712/20/2018Dismissed for Other Reason
2409 Treviso Dr SE TrustNew Mexico1:17-bk-100151101/05/201704/24/2017Dismissed for Other Reason 03/28/2017
A Laughing Frog LLCNew Mexico1:17-bk-128871111/14/201708/06/2019Discharge Not Applicable 08/06/2019
2814 Solano Del Sol Dr NE TrustNew Mexico1:17-bk-100281101/09/201704/26/2017Dismissed for Other Reason 03/28/2017
7231 Chickadee Ln NE TrustNew Mexico1:17-bk-100771101/16/201704/20/2017Dismissed for Other Reason 03/28/2017
Moya Michael Alonzo Agency Non-IndividualNew Mexico1:17-bk-13261712/29/2017
Sacred Power, LLC a New Mexico Limited Liability CNew Mexico1:17-bk-130931112/07/2017
Auto Body Concepts, LLCNew Mexico1:17-bk-12910711/16/2017
Platinum Performance, LLC, a New Mexico limited liNew Mexico1:17-bk-130641112/01/2017
RV's Transportation, LLC, a New Mexico LimiteNew Mexico1:17-bk-128931111/14/2017
Professional Well Service, Inc.New Mexico1:17-bk-12583710/11/2017
Albuquerque Brewing Company Corp., a New Mexico coNew Mexico1:17-bk-12643710/18/201712/14/2017Discharge Not Applicable
Holcomb Oil & Gas, Inc.New Mexico1:17-bk-125211110/02/2017
Good Technologies, LLCNew Mexico1:17-bk-12343709/13/201712/08/2017Dismissed for Other Reason
Loop DL, LLCNew Mexico1:17-bk-12353709/14/201701/03/2018Discharge Not Applicable
Target Sports Retail, LLC, a New Mexico limited liNew Mexico1:17-bk-123461109/13/201711/06/2017Dismissed for Other Reason 10/12/2017
Francos Trucking, LLC, a New Mexico Limited LiabilNew Mexico1:17-bk-120171108/03/2017
E.O.S. Rentals LLCNew Mexico1:17-bk-12024708/04/2017
Rancho Bernardino, LLCNew Mexico1:17-bk-120691108/13/201711/02/2017Dismissed for Other Reason 10/05/2017
Four Corners Alarm and Patrol Service, Inc.New Mexico1:17-bk-11830707/17/201710/24/2017Discharge Not Applicable
Indian Jewelers Supply Co., Inc.New Mexico1:17-bk-118741107/21/2017
Oasis LP, Inc.New Mexico1:17-bk-11822707/17/201709/21/2017Discharge Not Applicable
Lucy's LTDNew Mexico1:17-bk-115441106/14/2017
Sky Country Estates, LLCNew Mexico1:17-bk-11617706/23/2017
R&G Appliance CorporationNew Mexico1:17-bk-11339705/24/201712/27/2017Discharge Not Applicable 12/27/2017
Bob's Appliance Service, Inc.New Mexico1:17-bk-11262705/18/201707/07/2017Discharge Not Applicable
Hoskins Family Enterprises, Inc.New Mexico1:17-bk-111751105/09/201705/10/2018Dismissed for Other Reason 03/19/2018
SJE, Inc and JANS, Inc.New Mexico1:17-bk-111981105/11/2017
Southwest Lath & Plaster Company, Inc., a New MexiNew Mexico1:17-bk-112511105/17/2017
JANS, Inc.New Mexico1:17-bk-112691105/18/2017
Las Cruces Behavioral Medicine Associates Inc.New Mexico1:17-bk-11054704/27/201707/07/2017Discharge Not Applicable
Cynthia Moya, Estate and Associated Case in US District CourtNew Mexico1:17-bk-10839704/04/201709/27/2018Dismissed for Other Reason 09/01/2017
Americom Automation Services, Inc.New Mexico1:17-bk-106391103/20/201712/21/2017Dismissed for Other Reason 11/22/2017
JDS Builders, LLC, a New Mexico Limited LiabilityNew Mexico1:17-bk-10748703/29/201705/09/2017Discharge Not Applicable
Lightning Dock Geothermal HI-01, LLCNew Mexico1:17-bk-105671103/14/201703/23/2018Discharge Not Applicable
Los Lobos Renewable Power, LLCNew Mexico1:17-bk-105681103/14/201703/21/2018Discharge Not Applicable
WM Distribution, Inc.New Mexico1:17-bk-105351103/09/2017
Apple Tree Home Improvements, LLC, A New Mexico LiNew Mexico1:17-bk-10313702/12/201703/30/2017Discharge Not Applicable
DALES AUTO PAINTS & GRAPHICS LLCNew Mexico1:17-bk-10027701/09/201705/25/2017Standard Discharge