Case number: 1:17-bk-10015 - 2409 Treviso Dr SE Trust - New Mexico Bankruptcy Court

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    2409 Treviso Dr SE Trust

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    New Mexico (nmbke)

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PlnDue, DsclsDue, TA

District of New Mexico (Albuquerque)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 17-10015-t11

Assigned to: David T. Thuma
Chapter 11

Date filed:  01/05/2017
341 meeting:  02/02/2017


2409 Treviso Dr SE Trust

2500 Parkway Ave NW
Rio Rancho, NM 87144

represented by
Patrick Lopez

Patrick Lopez ESQ
2500 Parkway Ave Suite 200
Rio Rancho, NM 87144
(505) 309-0780
Email: [email protected]

U.S. Trustee

United States Trustee

PO Box 608
Albuquerque, NM 87103-0608
505 248-6544
represented by
Leonard K Martinez-Metzgar

PO Box 608
Albuquerque, NM 87103-0608
Email: [email protected]

Latest Dockets

Date Filed#Docket Text
01/19/201715Amended Voluntary Petition. Summary and Schedules A/B, D, E/F, G, H. List of 20 Largest Unsecured Claims, Statement of Affairs, and Disclosure of Compensation Filed by Debtor 2409 Treviso Dr SE Trust. (RE: related document: 1 Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11)). (Lopez, Patrick) Modified on 1/20/2017 to reflect all documents filed. (mrm) (Entered: 01/19/2017 at 23:18:59)
01/18/201714Debtor's List of Information on the Property Located at 2409 Treviso Dr. SE (RE: related document(s) 7 Order Resulting from Hearing). (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A - Repairs and Maintenance Detail) (Lopez, Patrick) (Entered: 01/18/2017 at 19:40:10)
01/18/201713Certificate of Service Amendment to Mailing List (Docket No. 11), Late Notice to Additional Parties (Docket No. 11), and Notice of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case and Meeting of Creditors (Docket No. 2) served January 18, 2017; to those indicated on certificate Filed by Debtor 2409 Treviso Dr SE Trust. (Attachments: # 1 Mailing Matrix)(Lopez, Patrick) (Entered: 01/18/2017 at 12:03:58)
01/18/201712Late Notice to Additional Parties of Bankruptcy Case Filing, Meeting of Creditors, and Deadlines. (Attachments: # 1 Mailing Matrix) (Lopez, Patrick) (Entered: 01/18/2017 at 11:52:31)
01/18/201711Amended Mailing List to Add a Creditor or Party. Fee Amount $31. Filed by Debtor 2409 Treviso Dr SE Trust. (Lopez, Patrick) (Entered: 01/18/2017 at 11:45:29)
01/17/201710Notice of Entry of Appearance and Request for Notice. Filed by Karen H Bradley of Little, Bradley & Nesbitt, P.A. on behalf of Creditor Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc.. (Bradley, Karen) (Entered: 01/17/2017 at 14:21:16)
01/17/20179PDF with attached Audio File. Court Date & Time [ 1/12/2017 9:55:16 AM ]. File Size [ 11484 KB ]. Run Time [ 03:11:24 ]. (admin). (Entered: 01/17/2017 at 10:00:02)
01/13/20177Order Resulting from Status Conference (RE: related document(s) 1 Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11) filed by Debtor 2409 Treviso Dr SE Trust). Status conference to be held on 1/26/2017 at 02:00 PM in Judge Thuma's Courtroom. (jmr) (Entered: 01/13/2017 at 17:38:36)
01/11/20176BNC Certificate of Notice - Meeting of Creditors. (RE: related document(s) 2 Meeting of Creditors Chapter 11). No. of Notices: 2. Notice Date 01/11/2017. (Admin.) (Entered: 01/11/2017 at 22:46:27)
01/11/20175Notice of Status Conference. (RE: related document(s) 1 Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11)). Status conference to be held on 1/12/2017 at 10:00 AM in Judge Thuma's Courtroom. Parties may appear by telephone. (jmr) (Entered: 01/11/2017 at 16:26:19)