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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Charles Weldon Deweese and Weldon Inc.Kentucky Western1:23-bk-100721101/27/2023
Weldon Inc.Kentucky Western1:23-bk-100761101/27/2023
Jed Holding Company LLCKentucky Western1:23-bk-100751101/27/2023
Drakes Creek Holding Company, LLCKentucky Western1:23-bk-100741101/27/2023
CoCo LLCKentucky Western1:23-bk-100731101/27/2023
The Bridal Suite of LouisvilleKentucky Western3:23-bk-30140701/23/2023
Kentucky Multi Media Services LLCKentucky Western5:23-bk-50103703/13/2023
The Silly Axe Cafe, LLCKentucky Western3:23-bk-303681102/22/2023
Innovative Conveyance Solutions, LLCKentucky Western1:23-bk-10096701/31/2023