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Ownership Interest in Property Management Company

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Ownership Interest in Property Management Company

Minimum Price: $85,000.00

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Item #: mabke_404672
Created: 07/04/2014
Category: Business Property > Investments > Partnership interests/ LLC/LLP
Sale Date: None Set
Seller Info
Alex F. Mattera
Trustee's Attorney
200 State Street
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 263-2600
Bankruptcy Info
Case #: 1:11-bk-16179
Court: Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court
Chapter: 7
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Sale of twenty-four percent (24%) interest in the Massachusetts limited liability company 3DM Properties LLC. The Company owns several parcels of real property, including two commercial properties with tenants in Chatham, Massachusetts:
11 Chicks Way, South Chatham, MA—This property is a 9,900-squarefoot warehouse built in approximately 2007–08 on 1.06 acres of land, zoned industrial.

146 Commerce Park South, South Chatham, MA—This property includes a 3,920-square-foot warehouse built in approximately 1983 on approximately 20,000 square feet of land, zoned industrial.

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Bid Deposit Amount: (20%) of the proposed purchase price
Current High Bid: $85,000

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