Zions Bancorp.

Deposit glut weighs on regional banks


Harris Simmons of Zions Bancorp. warned that excess deposits could suppress loan demand and pose an inflation threat, while Darren King of M&T tried to reassure investors that deposits will be less volatile than some fear once the economy improves.


Zions CEO Simmons says his cancer is ‘manageable’


Harris Simmons, the chairman and CEO of Zions Bancorp., updated investors Wednesday on his cancer diagnosis, saying a CAT scan last week did not detect the rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma with which he was diagnosed in November.


Zions’ Simmons reveals cancer diagnosis


Harris Simmons, the chairman and CEO of Zions Bancorp. in Salt Lake City, said in a letter to employees that he was recently diagnosed with a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and would be pursuing a treatment plan over the next several months.


Charge-offs held in check … for now


Banks have managed to steer around trouble spots in energy, hotel and mall-related credits. But fears of further deterioration, an eviction wave or more job losses are keeping lenders circumspect.


Most Powerful Women to Watch: Jennifer Smith, Zions Bancorp.


Smith, Zions' chief information officer, is overseeing a broad range of tech projects, the largest being a multiyear overhaul of the bank's core system.


Zions braces for loan charge-offs in industries hard hit by pandemic


Loans to retailers and hotels are at the highest risk of default, the Salt Lake City company said in its second-quarter earnings presentation.


Rate cut could prompt even tighter margins, mortgage surge


The Fed’s decision to cut its benchmark interest rate amid growing coronavirus concerns is bound to have an impact on banks, but just how broad and how deep remains to be seen.


Zions is latest regional to announce layoffs


Huntington Bancshares and U.S. Bancorp also said in recent days that they are eliminating jobs to reduce overhead and improve profits. With net interest margins shrinking and branch traffic continuing to decline, expect more banks to follow suit, analysts say.