Zelle small-biz payments volume jumps 30% from 2Q to 3Q


The person-to-person network is being used more often for purchasing, with consumer payments to small businesses up sharply.


CO-OP, Zelle partnership could bring P2P payments to small credit unions


CO-OP, a credit union payments firm, has teamed with the fintech to expand usage of digital payments offerings. But it's unclear to what extent members want those services.


How the pandemic is propelling Zelle


The pandemic’s physical distancing requirements appear to have accelerated transaction volume and overall usage of Zelle, the P2P app operated by bank-owned Early Warning Services LLC.


The gaping security holes plaguing real-time payments


Stephen Ranzini, CEO of University Bank, says The Clearing House's RTP and Early Warning's Zelle handle enrollment, encryption and authentication insecurely.


U.S. Bank hires real-time payments expert Peter Gordon


U.S. Bank has hired payments veteran Peter Gordon to fill a new post as head of emerging payments product and strategy, tapping his years of experience developing real-time payments technology.


Zelle founder to helm Ripple rival Interstellar


The creator of Zelle precursor clearXchange is heading a company building a blockchain-based international payment technology for banks.


Millennials propel Zelle at BofA


Bank of America’s P2P transaction volume via Zelle is surging, with millennials driving the bulk of its usage.


Venmo adds Instant Transfer link to bank accounts


As the competition mounts to increase adoption rates for person-to-person payment apps, PayPal's Venmo is adding a way for users to quickly move money from the app to their bank account.