Volcker Rule

Agencies are close to finishing Volcker Rule changes: FDIC's McWilliams


The head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. previously had said regulators were weighing numerous options for addressing criticism of their 2018 proposal.


Regulators making 'good progress' on Volcker Rule 2.0: Fed's Powell


The head of the central bank declined to provide more specifics on efforts to simplify the ban on banks’ proprietary trading.


All options on table for improving Volcker Rule proposal: Regulators


Comptroller of the Currency Joseph Otting and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairman Jelena McWilliams acknowledged industry concerns with the proposal meant to improve how banks comply with the trading ban.


Volcker 2.0 is said to face do-over after Wall Street complaints


U.S. regulators are poised to scrap their proposal for revising Volcker Rule restrictions on banks' trading in favor of a newer version as they respond to a misstep that drew fire from Wall Street lobbyists, according to people familiar with the effort.


A big-bank loophole to escape Volcker Rule? Not so fast


The regulatory agencies are the last word on an exemption from the proprietary trading ban, and there are no signs they will expand it beyond small institutions.


Banker of the Year: Zions' Harris Simmons


His knack for public policy, dedication to technological improvements once considered the province of big banks, and willingness to tear up a business model that he and his father built make him our top Best in Banking honoree.


9 things bankers fear this Halloween season


From Democrats winning control of Congress to an escalating trade war and technology companies applying for a fintech charter, there are plenty of scary prospects facing the industry.


'You won't find a trail back to Curry or Gruenberg': Comments of the week


Readers consider to new evidence regarding Operation Choke Point, debate the impact of Democrats taking control of the House in November, respond to concerns about weakening the Volcker Rule and more.


Volcker 2.0 unites banks and their critics in opposition


Bankers say the agencies’ proposed rewrite of the trading ban would do more harm than good, while the Volcker Rule’s most ardent supporters worry the overhaul will enable risky behavior by the largest institutions.


Trump reopening Wall Street casino by weakening Volcker Rule


Efforts to soften the ban on proprietary trading, now up for debate by regulators, put the country and taxpayers at risk once again.