Virtual reality

How 5G could shape the future of banking


Leaders in bank innovation have ideas for improving financial services with high-speed, highly responsive 5G networks — ideas they say could be implemented relatively quickly.


One banker’s take on the Consumer Electronics Show


Todder Moning of U.S. Bank scoured the 2.7 million square feet of the Consumer Electronics Show this week. Here’s what he liked, what he thinks bankers could work with ... and what he thought was weird.


Judge casts doubt on trademark case against Bank of America’s Erica


A Colorado businessman's request for a preliminary injunction to stop the bank from using the name “Erica” has been denied. The overall case could still go to trial, but skeptical comments by the judge suggest BofA will likely prevail.


Imagining banking without keyboards, apps or screens


Augmented devices and automation will push banking services beyond the current mobile phone delivery model into a virtual world — but how, exactly? Bank of America, Wells Fargo and others are trying to find out.


What banks can do to avoid drowning in data


It can be difficult for financial services companies to glean customer insights from the abundance of information they have.


Where virtual reality makes sense in banking


Banks can use virtual reality in wealth management, trading and mortgages, says Raja Bose at Genpact.