Venture capital

Goldman Sachs invests $28M in German fintech set for U.S. debut


Raisin, an online marketplace that aggregates high-yield savings accounts in Europe, aims to launch in the U.S. in the next nine to 12 months.


Which fintechs are best positioned to handle a recession?


In a downturn, some fintechs, such as independent lenders, will be more vulnerable to economic forces than those working to service banks' regulatory needs.


Fintech MX gets $100 million in funding to expand operations


The fast-growing fintech, which says its mission is helping banks be better consumer advocates, will use its cash infusion for hiring, software development and new partnerships.


ING bets its future on open banking


The Dutch company is no longer a bank in some countries, but more of a digital matchmaker between consumers and financial products provided by third parties, explains innovation chief Benoit LeGrand.


Spring Labs raises $23M, plans to expand customer ID blockchain


The Los Angeles company has established a network that is designed to help verify the identities of consumer and small-business borrowers. It says 20 lenders are participating and that it is trying to recruit more.


Cloud banking vendor for small institutions gets big boost


Alkami Technology said it would use its latest round of $55 million in funding to expand the white-label services it currently offers small banks and credit unions.


The year of the fintech merger


A trio of big deals in the payments and financial service provider area and continued bank and venture capital interest in fintech investments are creating expectations for a banner year.


Cornell professor launches own crypto coin


Some of the biggest venture capitalists in the field are backing a new digital currency being offered by a leading blockchain academic.


5 questions about the future of blockchain


Although the euphoria over blockchain has dissipated recently, many still see it as vital to the future of banks and the economy at large. Following are key issues being hashed out.


What BBVA's new U.S. CEO has on tap


In his first extensive interview since taking the job this year, Javier Rodriguez Soler talks about banking as a service, how to keep customers happy and where he sees AI and other tech innovations heading.