Utah de novo gets conditional OK from FDIC


Organizers of Bank of St. George still need to raise $18 million before opening.


People's Utah rebrands its banks as Altabank


The company, which plans to become Altabancorp, said the initiative removes brand confusion and puts its size and scale on display.


Brokerage firm pursuing industrial charter would create digital bank


More details have surfaced about Interactive Brokers' planned bank. It would accept deposits and originate loans through an online channel only, its application says.


Brokerage firm pursuing Utah industrial bank charter


A group affiliated with Interactive Brokerage Group has filed an application with the FDIC to form Interactive Bank.


Another state creates tech sandbox as federal agencies tread warily


Utah this week became the third state to let companies test cutting-edge financial products without fear of violating licensing and other regulations.


Organizers start raising capital for proposed Utah bank


The group behind Bank of St. George is looking to bring in up to $22 million in initial capital.


Utah bank taps board member as next CEO


Michael Ward, a former CEO at Mrs. Fields Famous Brands, has been a Prime Alliance director for 14 years.


De novo group aims to open first Utah bank in decade-plus


Organizers of the Bank of St. George have filed an application with the FDIC and state regulators and plan a public stock offering.


Business model trumped money in FNB-Glacier deal


FNB Bancorp in Utah, which is being sold to Glacier Bancorp, decided that the Montana bank's decentralized model would save jobs and give its management team more autonomy.


Bad for business? Weighing shutdown’s impact on commercial loans


Credit union and bank executives say the federal work stoppage hasn’t hit business lines yet, but that could change if things drag on much longer.