Digital dollar seems inevitable, but details remain fuzzy


The push for a public option to digitize government payments has gotten stronger, and the discussion has moved on from whether it should happen to how it should happen.


How Citi and Flywire sped payments to get PPE from China to Boston


The shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical workers is one of the most troublesome elements of the coronavirus outbreak, though prior work to declutter cross-border supply chain payments provides some hope.


Banks put job cuts — and more — on hold during coronavirus outbreak


While some big banks have pledged to avoid layoffs this year, hiring freezes and delayed projects are becoming the norm during the pandemic.


Branches brace for staff shortages, rush for cash


The coronavirus outbreak has led many banks to close branches, but for those that remain open, it's a new normal.


De novo activity has gone silent. What happened?


Challenging business conditions, exacerbated by coronavirus fears, have disrupted organizers' planning efforts.


Credit union-bank M&A has slowed. Is it a trend, or just a pause?


Credit unions could be feeling some of the heat from critics of their bank takeovers, or simply gearing up for another round of activity.


Credit union-bank deals may have peaked (for now)


Pushback from banks, a smaller pool of sellers and potential regulatory hurdles could pose setbacks for credit unions this year.


Small banks turn to subordinated debt to fund growth


Lower interest rates are allowing banks to use the cheaper capital to repay higher-cost debt and prepare for future expansion.


An internet banking pioneer’s view from the catbird seat


David Becker, who founded First Internet Bank two decades ago, says traditional banks' digital-only ventures are only making his bank look more mainstream.


Santander pivots to Americas as growth in Europe stalls


Ana Botin, the Spanish banking giant's chairman, is counting on Santander's new digital platform to help drive expansion in the U.S. and Latin America.