Postal banking isn’t the fix for financial inclusion


Despite renewed calls from Democrats looking to USPS to offer banking services, policymakers should instead consider reforms that would permit private-sector firms like Walmart and Amazon to offer a wider array of financial products.


Man behind postal banking push; Citi's Mexico problem


A former Wall Street lawyer who worked on bank bailouts is behind the idea; threatened tariffs are only one of the country’s problems, Citi CEO says.


Will BB&T-SunTrust serve the community or Wall Street?


BB&T’s chief executive has not prioritized meeting with local leaders and consumer advocates to discuss its merger plans, missing a valuable opportunity to create a new kind of large bank.


What works, what doesn't in mobile banking apps


Mariel Beasley, co-director of Duke University’s Common Cents Lab, who studies consumers’ financial behavior, says savings "nudges" in apps often fall flat. Here's why.


Bigger is better, BB&T-SunTrust chiefs assure skeptics


The two banks’ CEOs used a public hearing to argue their merger will be a boon for underserved markets. But other speakers warned that bank consolidation hurts communities.


'We're probably in a crisis already': Retirement in America


Karen Andres at the Center for Financial Services Innovation talks about the financial problems of people over 50 and how banks can help.


The problem with Financial Literacy Month


Financial education programs have been shown to be largely ineffective. What low-income consumers really need from banks are better products and more tailored advice.


Agencies near consensus on key elements of CRA reform


Senior officials at the OCC, FDIC and Fed signaled they agree more than they disagree on a plan to modernize the Community Reinvestment Act.


Crypto players 'need to get their acts together': Q&A with Andrew Hinkes


As bankers' skepticism about blockchain deepens, crypto firms should demonstrate how the technology can help financial companies, such as by extending access to the underbanked, says Hinkes, a prominent advocate of blockchain.


CRA reform crucial for tackling rural poverty


The current debate around changes to the Community Reinvestment Act should include discussions about how the law can be used to better support low-income communities in remote areas.