CFPB fines mortgage lender over claims it deceived veterans


The CFPB ordered Village Capital & Investment in Henderson, Nev., to issue refunds and pay a penalty for allegedly misrepresenting the cost savings in a refi product.


'The freaks are coming out of the woodwork': Comments of the week


Readers respond to the burgeoning debate over brokered deposits, consider the Democratic presidential hopefuls for 2020, weigh the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's latest regulatory efforts and more.


CFPB walks tightrope in effort to define ‘abusive’ practices


Regulators typically write rules before applying them. But the CFPB is attempting the reverse.


'It's reminiscent of Blockbuster investing in remodeling': Comments of the week


Readers react to efforts to improve bank branches, weigh the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's decision to pull back on enforcing the Military Lending Act, consider efforts to build finetch sandboxes and more.


Hensarling's last stand: More reg relief and fixing the GSEs


The retiring chairman of the House Financial Services Committee defends his often uncompromising pursuit of rolling back post-crisis regulations.


CFPB writing rule to define ‘abusive’ standard: Mulvaney


The consumer bureau’s interim chief told an industry conference that “regulation by enforcement is done.”


CFPB settles with group accused of delaying consumers' debt payments


The agency alleges that some customers made payments to the e-commerce group even though their accounts had already been sold to third-party debt buyers.


CFPB sues Calif. pension advance firm targeted by state AGs


The consumer bureau alleges Future Income Payments lured vulnerable consumers into taking out high-cost loans in exchange for their future pension payments.


Firm accused of scamming 9/11 responders, NFL players escapes lawsuit


The N.J. firm, which made loans to Sept. 11 first responders and pro football players diagnosed with brain injuries, was accused of usury. But a judge threw out the case, ruling that the New York attorney general lacks jurisdiction.


Relief from HMDA requirements may go further than banks realize


A new law exempts small lenders from expanded mortgage data reporting, but regulators are signaling that banks no longer have to collect the data either.