Trade agreements

Bankers turn curiously optimistic about the economy


Competition for deposits is tight, the outlook for loan demand is uncertain, and regulatory relief is slow-moving. Yet community bankers are feeling better about the economy than they have in two years, a Promontory Interfinancial Network survey found.


Bank stocks take big hit as trade war fears escalate


China's decision to stop buying U.S. soybeans and let its currency depreciate raised the prospect of further interest rate cuts. That hurt banks slightly more than the rest of the market on what was a bad day for all equities.


Trump says Fed should have Draghi as chief instead of Powell


The president said that European Central Bank President Mario Draghi would do a better job overseeing monetary policy in the U.S. than Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.


Where JPMorgan stands on mortgages, branches, mobile payments


In a presentation Thursday, co-COO Gordon Smith expanded on Jamie Dimon's recent comments about frustrations in the mortgage market, was upbeat about branch profitability and discussed some of the bank's Chase Pay challenges.


Ex-Im Bank finally has quorum to back big loans


The Senate has confirmed a new president and two board members, giving the U.S. Export-Import Bank the ability to approve loan guarantees of more than $10 million for the first time since 2015.


A growing risk for ag lenders


Can farmers — and the banks that lend to them — survive Trump's trade war?


9 things bankers fear this Halloween season


From Democrats winning control of Congress to an escalating trade war and technology companies applying for a fintech charter, there are plenty of scary prospects facing the industry.


Construction lending is about to get hammered by trade war


Rising tariffs are rapidly increasing the cost of building materials, putting banks at risk.


Tariffs on Chinese exports likely to hurt lenders' core clients


If President Trump’s tariffs on steel and other products stay in place long, big U.S. importers would be hurt and pass on the pain to their midsize and small-business suppliers — which are the bread and butter of commercial lending.


Banks need to brace for Trump’s tariffs


Now’s the time for banks to consider how the country’s trade war could hit their bottom lines.