Thomas Curry

‘Solid reputation’: Why regulators long deferred to Wells Fargo on sales abuses


A new watchdog report finds that prior to 2015, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency missed numerous opportunities to address misconduct at the San Francisco bank.


Verdict coming on OCC's supervision of Wells Fargo


Critics of the OCC have long maintained that the agency was too close with the San Francisco bank. A watchdog's assessment of what transpired between 2009 and 2017 is expected to be completed late this spring.


Congress can work around court’s nixing of OCC fintech charter


Former Comptroller Thomas Curry, who initially proposed the special charter now blocked by a judge, calls on policymakers to find another way to regulate financial tech startups.


Banking charter remains a long way off for fintechs after court ruling


A regulatory cloud still follows fintech companies following a judge's decision throwing out the Office of the Comptroller Currency’s special-purpose charter.


Google and PayPal explored OCC’s fintech charter, then walked away


Dozens of companies, including Google and PayPal, met with OCC officials last year in part to discuss obtaining a new fintech charter, but many ultimately decided not to pursue it, according to sources. Here's why.


Fintechs may finally win charter chase in 2019


Whether it's the OCC's special-purpose charter, ILCs or some other option, observers see fintechs being able to obtain banking powers.


OCC puts another nail in thrift charter's coffin


A proposal to let certain thrifts operate like national banks blurs the line even further between the two institution types.


Fed will have the say on key parts of OCC’s fintech charter


The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has been taking the lead on a federal license for fintech firms, but the central bank will decide if such companies can access the payments system and other benefits.


N.Y. state refiles suit to block OCC's 'reckless' fintech charter


The state's banking regulator and the Conference of State Bank Supervisors are reviving litigation after the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency said it would accept charter applications.


State regulators renew push to block OCC's fintech charter


State regulators said Wednesday they will refile a lawsuit against the OCC, attempting to block the agency's new federal bank charter for fintechs.