Pressure mounts on Citi to beef up returns


Citigroup's return on tangible common equity rose in the first quarter, but stubbornly high expenses and costly technology investments may make it hard for the bank to hit its targets for this year and next.


Small banks’ tech discontent; Preparing for the end of Libor


Small banks rise up against “onerous contracts and sometimes mediocre digital offerings”; Quarles warns banks to speed up preparations for Libor sunset.


How technology could close gender gap; bank stocks drop


Shift toward computerized, quantitative trading helps women advance; big bank stocks are on a pace for their worst week since December.


Will Square's banking ambitions be curbed by Fiserv-First Data?


The head of Fiserv hinted that it will pitch the point-of-sale platform Clover, which it would get in the First Data deal, to community banks as a way to defend their small-business market share from Square.


Wells names JPMorgan executive to lead technology operations


Saul Van Beurden will have oversight of both technology and information security and will report to CEO Tim Sloan.


How fintechs are helping Americans rein in holiday spending


Digit, Chime and Pluto are among those said to be stepping into a void left by the banking industry. But designing helpful enough, yet flexible enough, financial safeguards for consumers is easier said than done.


1MDB may scar Goldman image; Airlines soar with card fees


The bank’s efforts to show its ethical side may be “undone” by Malaysian scandal; airlines co-branded cards helping profits … for now.


How banks could fend off Amazon and Facebook


Nearly 60% of people thinking about switching banks would be open to banking with a big tech company if they ever get that option. Cash incentives or existing savings accounts are big factors in consumer decisions — and things that banks could keep in mind in their efforts to recruit or retain customers.


Why advisors need to fix clunky tech


The digital customer experience is getting better. Firms should take notice.


People’s United’s plan to bulk up in Boston: Target tech firms


The Bridgeport, Conn., company is developing a specialty in banking technology businesses. Like so many other small regionals with ambitious growth plans, it faces a tricky balancing act: how to take creative risks without getting in over its head.