Student lending

Citi CFO: Student loan market shows signs of overheating


Student loans are showing signs of growing too fast, perhaps the only market flashing a warning even as the economic recovery grows older, Citigroup Chief Financial Officer John Gerspach said.


JPMorgan to sell $6.9 billion of student loans to Navient


JPMorgan Chase agreed to sell a $6.9 billion portfolio of student loans to Navient Corp., five days after the bank told shareholders it was looking to unload the holdings.


'This is child's play': Comments of the week


Readers weigh in on a notable OCC personnel change, the Scottrade breach, the ability of corporate owners to still be anonymous and more.


DeVos undoes Obama student loan protections


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday rolled back an Obama administration attempt to reform how student loan servicers collect debt.


More evidence that rising student debt is bad for banks


New research from the New York Fed confirms a lingering worry for the banking industry: More prime-age, college-educated borrowers are delaying the decision to take out their first mortgage as they focus instead on paying off their student loans.


Crisis in student loan servicing is building


While there are inherent differences between student loan and mortgage servicing, recent claims against the largest student loan servicer echo the mortgage debacle.


Why CommonBond's CEO says fintech charter could be a game changer


In a Q&A, CommonBond CEO David Klein discusses how an OCC charter might benefit customers by lowering the cost to run a student loan refinancing business.


What (else) banks want from Washington


Financial firms are going on offense in Washington, pressing a policy agenda that would have been unimaginable just a few months ago. Some proposals, like reforming the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, have been floated before while others began to gain traction after Republicans swept the November elections. Here's a look at some of the industry's requests.


SoFi to sell student loans to small banks through Promontory


The San Francisco-based online lender will soon begin selling refinanced student loans through Promontory’s member network.


Discover’s profit jumps 13% jump on surge in consumer lending


Strong loan growth was partially offset by rising delinquencies in its flagship credit card business, as well as in student and personal loans.