Start-up funding

Rana Yared, Goldman Sachs | Most Powerful Women: Next


The investments that Rana Yared's team makes in startups help Goldman Sachs in two ways: Besides earning a profit, the company also uses a lot of the technology the startups develop as part of its internal digital transformation.


Signature Bank launches business to serve venture capital firms


The New York company formed the nationwide group after hiring a team of former Square 1 bankers.


Banks on guard for credit glitches in tech sector


Some lenders, especially in markets like California, are preparing in case of a technology-industry stumble that hurts business, real estate and other loan segments. Whether those fears are well founded is a matter of debate.


Rivalry between two Silicon Valley lenders turns personal


Seven years after James Gutierrez left Oportun Financial and started a competitor, the acrimony sparked by the divorce is coming into public view.


Money keeps flowing to fintechs


Chime, Chart IQ, Starling Bank and several other startups have raised millions of dollars from venture capital and private-equity firms this year. Here's what they plan to do with their haul.


Wells Fargo, PayPal back effort to fund female fintech entrepreneurs


Female startup founders consistently receive far less venture capital money than male founders, but a program by Quesnay is looking to change that.


Bankers have another data security issue to worry about


Banks want to encourage innovation by extending access to outside developers, but customer data remains vulnerable while in use by an application.


Bank automation demand spurs IBM-fintech partnership


As robotic process automation expands into day-to-day lending operations, IBM is teaming up with UiPath, a startup that specializes in the new technology.


Why startup Finxact just got $30M from the ABA, SunTrust, others


The core-banking vendor won the investment and ringing endorsements from the trade group and several banks because its open system and cloud delivery could eventually challenge entrenched tech players.


ICBA selects first fintechs for new accelerator program


The 10 startups will receive initial investments, mentoring and training as part of the ICBA ThinkTECH Accelerator.